Anyone proudly rocking the new iPhone? If you’re loving all that extra screen and all those extra pixels, you might be thinking it’s time to upgrade your wallpaper. We love a little glimpse of some favorite pieces of art on our screens when we pop it open during the day, even if it is just to check the time. Whether you love bright geometrical patterns or need some motivational typography, here are our favorite new iPhone 6 wallpapers!

1. Sleepy Fox: Colder weather makes us want to snuggle up like this adorable fox. Maybe we should add some of those sweet song birds to our morning routine. (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

2. Geometric Lines: Nothing makes your apps pop like a nice dark background, and this sleek wallpaper has just the right amount of color zig zagging through it. (via iPhone Papers)

3. Gray Vines: Keep it classy with these monochromatic vines that perfectly contrast with that shiny new gold or silver phone you’re rocking. (via Jilianastasia)

4. Triangles: We’ll never say no to a geometric design and these wonderful colors are perfect for the fall season. (via Design Bolts)

5. Happy Terrier: This happy little dog will make you smile every time you turn on your phone. (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

6. Typography Love: All you creatives out there, get inspired to start making beautiful things every time you check your phone. (via Free People)

7. Pink and Gold Fall: Perfect for fall, but could work all the way through the holiday season. Nothing is more festive than a healthy pile of glitter typography! (via Wonder Forest)

8. Circuit Message: Get your creative juices flowing with a trippy typography maze. (via Design Bolts)

9. Fitness Kitty: Calling all cat lovers! This kitty’s workout regime is a pretty accurate display of our lazy, unmotivated gym visits… popsicle, anyone? (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

10. Pastel Shapes: Connect all the dots! Eye catching, but still very delicate, this geometric wallpaper won’t distract from your apps. (via Down Graf)

11. Chalkboard Type: We love all things chalkboard and handwritten. Hopefully your heart is full of happiness and love this season! (via iPhone Walls)

12. Pink Smoke: Send up a bold smoke signal! There is something very hypnotizing about the way the smoke swirls across your screen. (via Tech Tapper)

13. Pebble Beach: Take a walk along the beach with a relaxing pebble wallpaper. (via Down Graf)

14. Festive Wreath: Stay true to your self and your own creative vision with a pretty little reminder on your phone. It’s also available with white background if you prefer. (via Coco and Mingo)

15. Paint Swatches: Put some texture on your screen with a simple, but feminine wallpaper. How fab are those mint stripe accents! (via Paper Winston)

What do you look for in an iPhone wallpaper? Colorful or simple designs? Talk to us in the comments below!