Ah Facebook. One of the 5 things most of us check on a daily basis, and likely one of the top 2. It's almost as omnipresent as a regular old cell phone at this point and, in some ways, is even more useful.

But, that old news feed of yours tends to be packed to the brim with a whole lot of nonsense that you don't need to see, but don't want to unsubscribe from. Naturally, techies have a solution or 4, including one created by Facebook.

Flipboard for iPad: If you're anything like us, you're more interested in catching up on what's going on in your friends' lives than reading tabloids. But, nothing really beats thumbing through the occasional copy of Star or US Weekly. Flipboard for iPad combines the two in an uber classy way by letting you flip through your Facebook feed in the format of a magazine! It's a great user experience, and one that lets you look at all all of your friends' stories in a whole different light.

Gabi: Launched just a few weeks ago, Gabi is a beautiful new way to visualize and interact with Facebook. It allows you to filter your content based on what's relevant to you, without sharing that information with anyone else. Once you download the app, you'll answer a series of questions to create filters and preferences, but you can still interact with photos and stories just as you would on Facebook.

Friendsheet: Friendsheet turns your friends' Facebook photos into Pinterest. It gives you what you really want – a quick snapshot of all the latest photos of weddings, babies, birthday parties, and more, and without all the other stuff that seems to be taking up your Facebook feed. And yes, you can still comment and like as per usual.

Facebook Camera: Well. It's only natural that Facebook would follow up their Instagram acquisition with an app that turns your Facebook photo feed into Instagram. We do like that this filters your feed to just photos as it can be a much more vibrant mobile experience than the current feed. It's got filters just like old Insta and links oh-so-seamlessly to your regular Facebook page.

Have you tried any of the apps above? Know of any other apps that improve your Facebook experience? Or alter it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or give us a shout over on the Brit & Co. Facebook Page.