Whether you’re trying to lose weight, be more productive, change your diet or even be a better friend, your phone can actually make sticking to your resolution easier than ever. Give your phone a break from uploading pics to Insta and turn it into the ultimate life coach with these resolution helper apps that’ll have you totally owning your resolution this year. From goal trackers that help make ambitious feats attainable to apps that reward your good behavior and push you toward success, you’ll be rocking that resolution in no time. So go ahead and raise a glass to the New Year, then get to downloading.


1. Headspace: Is being more mindful at the top of your resolution list this year? This app will help train your brain to be more mindful with just a 10-minute daily commitment. (Free on iOS and Android)


2. Nozbe: If you’re trying to amp up your productivity in your personal or professional life, let this app pitch in. Nozbe organizes all your tasks across all platforms and lets you delegate them to team members or knock them out on your own. (Free on iOS and Android)


3. Day One: A great way to keep any resolution is to journal through the process. This app lets you record your progress each day so you can watch yourself set and meet goals. By meeting daily goals, you’ll be well on your way to owning your resolution. ($4.99 on iOS)


4. Lift: Whatever your goal for 2015, Lift can help you make it happen. The app aims to build a habit around any goal through encouragement, peer coaching and inspiration. (Free on iOS and Android)


5. LastPass: The new year is the perfect time to organize your digital life, and this is just the app to do it. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. (Free on Android)


6. Mint: If you’re trying to save dough in the coming year, this app can help. Connect your accounts to get detailed reports on where your money is going so you can spend smarter. (Free on iOS and Android)


7. GoalsonTrack: If your resolution seems huge and overwhelming, this app can help break down the overall goals into smaller, attainable chunks. Track how you’re doing daily to make serious progress toward any resolution. (Free on iOS and Android)


8. SaveUp: If your resolution is to be more financially responsible, go ahead and reward yourself with this app. Seriously, it rewards you for developing healthy spending habits. (Free on iOS)


9. Strides: Put in your goal and the date you want to achieve it, and Strides will get you there. Their smart goal tracking uses a beautiful platform you’ll actually want to use. ($3.99 on iOS)


10. Sociidot: Feel like a fancy person and get yourself a life coach… in an app form. Go beyond a one-year resolution to set big, lifetime goals and meet them through small, attainable steps laid out for you within the app. (Free on iOS)


11. Happier: It sounds simple, but sometimes it’s tough to be happy. Resolve to have a happier 2015 by using the expert-led courses and gratitude journal in this app. (Free on iOS and Android)


12. Betterment: Make 2015 the year of smart investments with this app, which lets you blend stocks and bonds and see returns on investments in real time. (Free on iOS and Android)


13. Unstuck: The biggest challenge with resolutions is keeping them forever. Users of Unstuck claim the app has the power to help users push through roadblocks for long-term success. (Free on iOS)

What’s your resolution this year? Which app will you choose to help you tackle it? Let us know in the comments below!