So much food goes to waste simply because it’s nonstandard. That means that perfectly delicious fruits and veggies that aren’t as pretty as their food porn, Instagram-worthy relatives get tossed before ever making it to supermarket shelves. WHAT?! Intermarché, a chain of supermarkets in France, is looking to change that.

They have a new campaign centered around these nonstandard produce items. Featuring weird-looking fruits and vegetables, “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables” is designed to reduce waste by getting these food items in people’s hands. How? By offering a 30% discount on all of them!

What’s great about this campaign is that it raises awareness about food waste while it actively works to cut down on it. And these aw-dorable ads don’t hurt either.

In addition to the ads, the chain also made soup and juices with the fruits and veggies to encourage customers to think about the taste instead of just how the food looks.

And food that tastes just as good but is less expensive? That’s awesome.

We wish all supermarkets would get in on this strategy. It works to solve the food waste problem while also feeding people who may not be able to afford fresh produce otherwise. That’s our kind of creative ad campaign.

How do you reduce food waste? Would you shop for “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables”? Let us know in the comments!