Your pet is one of the most important parts of your life, so it only makes sense to honor them on one of the most important days of your life. Whether that means having your furry friend present throughout the wedding, or simply there in spirit via a custom cake topper, themed signature cocktail or another DIY wedding idea your guests are sure to love every last fur-ific minute of cuteness. Need some help getting inspired? We give these 17 creative ideas a big paws up.

Getting Ready Pet Photo

1. “Getting Ready” Photos: If you’re worried that the day’s festivities might be too hectic and scary for your fur babe, go ahead and capture some creative “getting ready” shots with them instead. You’ll still have great memories to look back on, and the familiar at-home surroundings will leave your pet feeling less frazzled. (via Onelove Photography)

Pet Program

2. Ceremony Program: While this program was created for an actual dachshund wedding (so adorable!), we think drawn or painted pet pictures would also be a great addition to your own ceremony handouts. Bonus points if the artwork features animals wearing suits and flower crowns, as seen here. (via Danfredo Photos + Films)

Pet Ring Bearer

3. Ring Bearer: Dressed in pint-sized formal-wear, your little fur ball is sure to earn major bragging rights as the most charming ring bearer of all time. Even though you probably won’t want to give him the actual rings, fastening a fake pair around his neck will definitely elicit an “aww” or two. (via Elizabeth in Love)

Pet Flower Girl

4. Flower Girl: There’s nothing like a spotlight-stealing flower dog to get your wedding off to a super sweet start. This princess pup looks ultra-chic in a pretty pink tutu. (via Frances Marron Photography)

Pet Ceremony Prop

5. Ceremony Sign Bearer ($40 for Sign): Announce your arrival in style by having your pet make his way down the aisle toting a hand-painted wooden sign. It’s an ideal addition to any rustic wedding.

Pet Purse Bouquet

6. Pet + Purse Bouquet: Don’t want your pet walking down the aisle without you? Keep her right at your side by carrying a flower-adorned purse that’s the perfect size for a rabbit or petite pooch. (via Marianne Taylor)

Pet Bridesmaid

7. Bridesmaid or Groomsman: Who says everyone in your wedding party has to be human? Switch things up by letting your pet step into the limelight as a bridesmaid or groomsman. Here, a wreath of flowers and greenery helps this precious pup look the part. (via Heather Hawkins Photography)

Pretty Pet Portrait

8. Pretty Family Portrait: Turn your post-ceremony photo shoot into a family affair by involving your furry friend. A lovely picture like this one will certainly be worth displaying at home for years to come. (via Elizabeth Messina)

Funny Pet Portrait

9. Funny Family Portrait: As much as you’ll want to capture plenty of pretty pics, you’ll also want to add a little humor to your photo session. An image of your dog standing up while wearing a bowtie is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you flip through the wedding album. (via Darcy Preece Photography)

Pet Sign Prop

10. Family Portrait With “Love” Sign: The ceremony isn’t the only time your pet can carry an eye-catching sign. We think this pose is the ultimate way to share some love. (via Lucky Pictures)

Pet Groom Portrait

11. Farm Animal Portrait: If you grew up on a farm, or just love all creatures great and small, think outside the box by making goats, cows and even chickens a part of your photo shoot. (via Bamber Photography)

Pet Signature Cocktail

12. Signature Cocktail: Even though he can’t drink, your pet can still help you host a memorable cocktail hour by inspiring his own signature concoction. It looks like this little dog’s busy getting in on all of the action! (via Rothwell Photography)

Pet Table Numbers

13. Table Numbers: Taking a seat is about to get a whole lot more fun for everyone thanks to pet-picture table numbers. DIY a set featuring favorite snaps of your fluffy pal posing alone or with you and your partner. (via The Knot)

Cat Cake Pops

14. Cat Cake Pops: Meowsers! Are these kitty cake pops cute or what? Show your feline friend some sugar by displaying your own custom-crafted collection. (via Definitely Cake)

Dog Cake Pops

15. Dog Cake Pops: Almost too terrific-looking to eat, these Boston Terrier cake pops were made using marshmallow fondant, candy melts and chocolate. Add a customized batch to your dessert table, or pass some around as a late-night bite. (via Chasing Some Blue Sky)

Pet Cake Toppers

16. Cake Toppers: No cake would be complete without a set of imaginative toppers symbolizing you, your partner and of course, your feline or canine companions. We’re also digging this confection’s fun color scheme and delightful dot design. (via Paul Von Rieter)

Horseback Getaway

17. Horseback Grand Exit: Looking to make your grand exit especially stunning? Nothing beats riding off into the sunset on the back of your own beautiful horse. (via Jared Wilson Photography)

Are you making your fur baby a part of the big day? Share some fun ideas below.