Just as that rose gold Apple Watch Edition is settling in on your wrist [in your dreams], new rumors regarding the next generation of iPhones are here to join the latest iDevice. The newest tidbit from the Apple rumor mill involves a companion rose gold option for that arm candy that you are definitely going to want to get your texting fingers on.


Trusted Apple predictor Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities released a list of the top 11 things the 2015 version of the iPhone will be comprised of. Most notable is the inclusion of a brand-new casing color for the phone: rose gold. While we are pumped there could be a trendy new option when it comes to picking a hue for the upcoming device, we really hope it’s just a color and that Apple doesn’t go the real-deal, 18-karat Apple Watch route. We’re fine with the anodized aluminum like the other phones and don’t want to max out our credit cards putting a down payment on a special “Edition” of the iPhone 6s so that it matches our favorite jewelry.


Other new developments in the techy gossip world provided by Ming-Chi Kuo involve better sound quality during calls thanks to an extra microphone and an improved camera (12-megapixels FTW!). Not only that, but the analyst also believes one of the new versions of the iPhone will finally have a sapphire screen to provide extra scratch protection along with already-rumored 2GB of RAM + a different form of ForceTouch. Sadly, no more waterproof talk…

We love talking nerdy to you, but remember that nothing is set in stone/rose gold until Tim Cook says so on stage.

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