Hushed whispers of those in the know + loud Internet speculation regarding future iPhone generations deliver anticipation rivaled only by the royal baby watch. Just like with the #GreatKateWait, rumors about the details of the next release (sorry, we had to) abound. Will the next iPhone be waterproof? What will the body look like? There’s going to be more storage space, right?! Only Tim Cook + Co know for sure, and they aren’t revealing anything just yet. Regardless, we love indulging in some hot tech gossip — and sharing the truth with you. Sit back as we pour a little Apple-flavored tea on what the next round of iPhones definitely will NOT consist of.

9 to 5 Mac discovered a report from trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities that clears up a couple big rumors about the size + a major feature found on the Apple Watch.


1. The Next iPhone Will Not Be 4″: Though there have been rumors of a new 4″ model and even claims of leaked images of a slimmed down 6C, the KGI analyst is certain neither are happening this year. Our suggestion? Start saving those coins, because there won’t be a “cheaper” C model this time around. Well, there wasn’t really one during the 6 era either, now that we think about it. Maybe those days are totally over. 3


2. Force Touch Will Be Different: While the next generation of iPhones will bring Apple’s newest pressure-sensitive tech, it will not be the same one featured on the Apple Watch, the new MacBook and the updated 13″ Retina MacBook Pro. The report claims the iPhone 6S — working title ;) — will respond based on “how much of a user’s finger contacts the display” instead of solely sensing levels of force applied to the screen. Wait, what does that even mean? Basically, Force Touch for the iPhone will distinguish between a light tap only if the user flattens their finger pad on the display. Regardless of the difference, we’re just excited customizable touching is making its way to the iPhone’s future screen.


As with all things Apple rumors, no matter how trustworthy or previously correct the source is, take it all with a grain of salt, as nothing is fact until it’s presented via an Apple keynote. Stay tuned for more Apple Rumors — we have a long way to go ’til iPhone 7 :-X

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