We get it; sometimes you just need a little Instagram cuteness to get through the day. And where better to look than to the furry friends many of us share a home with? Dogs, cats, puppies and kittens may totally dominate your feed, but don’t forget about some of the other cuties out there. Case and point, Jack the Cockatiel.


@jackthecockatiel is a pretty bird from Brazil who is basically the cutest thing we ever did see.


With yellow and gray plumage, adorable chubby cheeks and an almost Ryan Gosling–worthy “Hey Girl” look, Jack is bound to be the next insta-celeb.


And that’s good news for the bird. Cockatiels are highly social animals that like lots of attention. And we’re pretty sure Jack will be getting more than he can handle after others discover his profile.


His account follows his adventures, including skateboarding, flower arranging, hanging out with his buddies and talking to his stuffed animal friends.


He’s also an artist and gets along well with animals, toys and fruits of all sizes. If that doesn’t sound like a wonderful life for this social bird, we don’t know what is.


Are cockatiels the new dogs and cats of Instagram? Would you follow this bird’s wild antics? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t Another Mag)