21 Instagram Cats We Want to Cuddle Right Meow
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21 Instagram Cats We Want to Cuddle Right Meow

Here’s something maaaaybe you can relate to: You’re super allergic to cats. And yet, every time you’re around a cat, you decide that maaaaybe you won’t be that allergic to this one so you insist on petting it and cuddling it until the sneezing, the itchy eyes and the wheezing inevitably starts. At some point, you’ve decided it is probably best if you admire their cuteness from afar… like through social media only. Here are 21 Instagram cats to follow in 2015.

1. @macchacat: “Don’t look at me. I didn’t take the last piece.”

2. @princesscheeto: Cheeto is always always ready to party.

3. @emonemon: Muahahahaha… if this Scottish fold isn’t the most evil cat on Instagram, we’d like to see who is.

4. @colonelmeow: Okay, maybe this guy is the most evil. Colonel Meow’s plots to take down the world rival even Grumpy Cat’s.

5. @hamilton_the_hipster_cat: “Mustache cats on mustache cats.”‘

6. @pudgethecat: Pudge has a strong preference for boxes over bags. He’ll talk your ear off about it.

7. @bengal_pyu: This pretty Korean kitty is the cutest when she’s hiding in drawers, sheets and standing upright on her two hind legs.

8. @leepyu_cat: This dandy green-eyed cat is @bengal_pyu’s husband. Awww, Bengal cat power couple.

9. @ashmiemu: “Let’s hold hands.”

10. @mycatkyle: According to his bio, Kyle is a moustachioed “rescue with three teeth, no claws, severe dandruff, hip dysplasia and a crooked ear.” Also, a bad attitude about sombreros.

11. @samhaseyebrows: Sam was blessed with perpetually surprised eyebrows.

12. @basilsclubhouse: “A time to reflect upon how much better looking I am than every other cat.”

13. @snoopybabe: Oh gosh.

14. @onesassybengal: When you’re all ready to go to that holiday party and then your mom says you have to stay home.

15. @pitterpatterfurryfeet: Alice and Finnegan are too adorbs.

16. @princessmonstertruck: That underbite. Come on.

17. @lindy_the_cat: Lindy has an affinity for crawling into bags and boxes, and also pretending a pile of blankets is a waterslide.

18. @richard_kitty: “A Lannister always pays his debts.”

19. @weeklywhiskers: Romeo isn’t your typical stay-at-home feline. He’s got places to be and can be found adventuring all over Seattle.

20. @hankthekitten: “My everyday is better than your best day.”

21. @gizmothehimmie: A gentleman. A scholar. A kitten.

Who is your favorite cat on Instagram? Let us know in the comments!