I took a spin class with Dancing With the Stars’ Julianne Hough last week, and lemme tell ya: Girlfriend is fit!

The class, which went down at Swerve Fitness in NYC, was in honor of the brand new Fitbit Alta HR ($150), the same sleek, chic Alta wearable you might be familiar with, but with all new continuous heart rate monitoring. (It’s available for pre-sale starting today, but you can buy it in April!)

After sweating more than I care to admit, I caught up with the triple threat to get her to spill about her favorite ab exercise (because, believe me — if you’ve ever seen hers, you’d want to know), go-to foods, and DWTS picks.


As a professional dancer, you can probably imagine the Speechless actress stays pretty fit. “My all-time favorite ab exercise is a side plank with an oblique crunch,” she tells me. You can do this move by putting your legs straight on top of each other and propping yourself up on your side with your elbow. Put your other hand behind your head, then slowly lower yourself on your resting arm so you do a “crunch” just for your oblique muscle (that’s the muscle that runs along your side). Then slowly straighten out again. This is definitely not a newb move, so start with a few and work your way up in reps.

But when she’s on the go — which is a lot — Hough relies on her Fitbit (she’s been a brand ambassador since 2015) to maximize her workouts. “I have a crazy schedule,” she admits. “I can track heart rate on my wrist, ensuring that I’m working out at the right intensity in the right zone to hit my goals.”


And since she’s constantly on the road, she keeps breakfast nice and simple. “Breakfast is two eggs over easy with sliced avocado and tomato, and a cup of English breakfast tea,” Hough tells me. And for dinner, she keeps it clean and light. “I try to avoid fried food and carbs for dinner!” she says.

And naturally, I had to ask her picks for the new season of Dancing With the Stars, but the dance judge was ever-so-diplomatic in her reply. “As a judge, I have to remain impartial, but I’m excited to see how some of them, like Nick and Mr. T and Bonner do,” she admits to me. “There are always some surprises those first couple of shows when you see how people perform under pressure.”

Nick Viall, eh? I think all Bachelor fans and I can agree with Jules here. Same same.

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