Your Fourth of July BBQ is coming up soon. You’ve already decked out the picnic tables in your best red, white, and blue party decorations you nabbed from Pinterest, and you’ve even managed to whip up more than a few Instagram-worthy patriotic desserts. Along with everything else you’re planning, you need activities — kids’ activities. Before your backyard bash gets underway, check out these fab Fourth of July games and crafts that kiddos will love.

1. Patriotic Kids Blower: Put away those store-bought decorations. The kids can craft their own Stars and Stripes paper streamers as part of the party fun. Hang them up around the party area, or simply enjoy blowing into them and watching the streamers dance with your pint-sized party guests. (via Natural Beach Living)

2. Pom-Pom Flag: An easy-peasy DIY pom-pom craft that teaches little learners about colors and celebrates Independence Day — sounds like a total win-win. Oh, and it’s a fab fine-motor workout too! (via The Moments at Home)

3. Statue of Liberty Tag: In honor of this patriotic holiday, give your traditional game of tag a Statue of Liberty theme. DIY Lady Liberty’s torch and a cool crown too. Pick a child to play the role of “Lady Liberty.” She must hold the torch above her head as she chases after the other players. When she tags someone, the torch passes on to the next “Lady.” (via Buggy and Buddy)

4. Fluffy Patriotic Slime: Get in on the slime craze, and try your hand at making this fluffy red, white, and blue recipe. Not only will the slime-making process keep the kids busy, but they’ll have a fun souvenir they can play with even after the party is over. (via Schooling a Monkey)

5. Patriotic Summer Drinks: There’s no rule saying that you have to prep all the food and drinks yourself, so get the kids in on the action with this non-alcoholic, patriotic (not to mention, yummy) kid-made drink. Combine fruit punch with berry- and cherry-flavored sports drinks, and top it all off with a crazy straw. (via Natural Beach Living)

6. Patriotic Balloon Painting: You’re all already outside and soaking up the sun’s intense rays, so why not get messy (and cool down!) with a celebratory red, white, and blue balloon painting. Butcher paper, washable paint, water balloons, and masking tape are all you need to start crafting with your little ones. Seriously, this art activity is majorly fun — you can thank us later. (via Schooling a Monkey)

7. DIY Paper Fans: It’s probably no surprise that the kiddos are complaining about the midday heat. After all, it is July, and you’re outside with minimal shade. A simple solution to cool down: Set up a DIY paper fan craft table where the kids can get artsy and out of the sun. (via Red Ted Art)

8. Patriotic Ribbon Wand: The kids can show off their patriotic pride with these red, white, and blue ribbon wands. After every kid has completed their ribbon masterpiece, encourage them to put on a show and twirl, swirl, and dance to a patriotic tune. (via Mama in the Now)

9. Scavenger Hunt: A surefire way to keep the kids entertained is to send them off on a patriotic stars and stripes scavenger hunt. Not only will it get them moving, but it will encourage them to work together, get creative, and think outside the box. Brainstorm a few clever clues (or use Sunny Day Family’s fab printables), place them around your party area, and invite the kids to explore. (via Sunny Day Family)

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(Featured photo via Schooling a Monkey)