2016 was definitely the year that everyone started to realize that “nude” isn’t a one-size-fits-all shade, and while it’s kind of shocking that it’s taken this long for skintone diversity to be brought to the forefront, we’re really glad it’s finally happening. From lingerie to nail polish to leotards, the fashion and beauty world is slowly but surely expanding to include all skin tones. And now we can add UK shoe brand Kahmune (pronounced com-mune) to that list.


Kahmune was born the way a lot of great ideas are formed these days — by browsing social media. Founder Jamela Acheampong noticed that searching for the term “nude” overwhelmingly pulled up the same light shades of tan and beige, and decided that something had to be done about it. Kahmune has a simple mission — to design luxury footwear to match the skin tones of ALL women. But it doesn’t end with just footwear; they want to spread the message that diversity, representation and inclusion matters.


The color palette currently includes 10 shades of nude from a fair porcelain all the way through to a dark chocolate brown, each one named for a different part of the world like Kumasi in Ghana and Goa in India. To start with, Kahmune will offer two classic styles that every woman needs in her a closet — a sleek pump and a high-heeled sandal. The first collection is set to launch by March of this year, with an anticipated price range of $250-$300.


While you wait to snag a pair of Kahmune’s shoes, check out these five brands that have already embraced the universal meaning of the word nude:


1. Christian Louboutin: Earlier this year, the ultimate in luxury footwear expanded their nude collection to include several more shades in swoon-worthy flat and high-heeled styles.


2. Mahogany Blues Dance Apparel: This dance apparel company makes nude leotards for all skin tones. Not only does this serve a practical need, but it also serves to remind dancers of color of their value in the industry. (Photo via Mahogany Blues Dance Apparel)


3. Nubian Skin: Nubian Skin offers bras, underwear and hosiery to match every skin tone. Their styles go beyond basic t-shirt bras, like these pretty lace pieces. (Photo via @nubianskin)


4. Naja: One of the best parts of Naja’s lingerie line is that none of the women in the campaign are professional models. The brand celebrates diversity in both skin tones and body shapes. (Photo via @naja)


5. NUDEST: NUDEST is the one-stop-shop for finding nude lingerie from a ton of different brands, including Naja and Nubian Skin. The coolest part of the website is the ability to filter by skin tone. (Photo via @mynudest)

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