All too often, “nude” colored items really only appear nude when you’re a certain skin color. White. Lately, a range of companies have been making serious strides to be more inclusive in their offerings. Christian Louboutin launched a range of nude flats and Nubian Skin’s line of bras offer some much-needed diversity to the undie game. Dance company Mahogany Blues is now joining that club of diverse-minded brands.


Mahogany Blues offers leotards in four different shades: Mulan, Jasmine, Amina and Tiana. Two more color options are slated to be released later this year. Each name corresponds to a model featured on the “color match” section of MB’s site. There you can see each shade worn on the models to have a point of reference. The leotards also come in three different styles: halter, camisole and short-sleeve.


Before the launch of Mahogany Blues back in 2015, many dancers of color had to resort to custom dyeing their costumes and shoes, or they had to apply makeup to their shoes to make them darker. According to Mic, the latter technique is often problematic, as color tends to rub off during performances.

On the website, Mahogany Blues’ founder Whitney Bracey writes, “We are here to remind dancers of color of their value in an industry that has been color blind for too long.” We’ll cheers – er, plié? – to that!

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(Photos via Mahogany Blues)