Happy birthday, Kim Kardashian! The reality star turned 35 yesterday and her superstar husband Kanye West threw her a surprise birthday party that included renting out an entire movie theater, churros and probably the most adorable surprise party theme of all time. Kim, who is already mother to adorable tot North West, is currently pretty well into pregnancy #2 with a son (Easton?) and in honor of that, Kanye threw her a pregnancy themed birthday party. Kim cancelled her baby shower last week due to Lamar Odom鈥檚 hospitalization, and we鈥檙e guessing her bday party theme was kind of a nifty way to combine both celebrations. There is another possible reason why Kanye chose this theme though. Cue the awws.

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Kim has expressed that her pregnancies have both been unpleasant for her. Recently, in a personal essay she wrote for her app, she shared how much she hated it. 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna keep it real: For me, pregnancy is the worst experience of my life!鈥 she wrote to her fans. 鈥淢aybe it鈥檚 the swelling, the backaches or just the complete mindfuck of how your body expands and nothing fits. I just always feel like I鈥檓 not in my own skin. It鈥檚 hard to explain. I don鈥檛 feel sexy, either 鈥 I feel insecure and most of the time I just feel gross.鈥 Knowing Kim鈥檚 insecurity about being pregnant makes Kanye鈥檚 theme for her birthday party all that much more thoughtful. Since EVERYONE was showing up pregnant, Kim wouldn鈥檛 have to feel like she stuck out (literally).


Kim posted this photo of her birthday cake in front of a white rose wall (sure looks reminiscent to her wedding backdrop!) and wrote in the caption,鈥滿y husband never ceases the amaze me! He rented out the entire movie theater to screen the new Steve Jobs (It鈥檚 sooooo good BTW) and had all of my family & close friends come dressed up as their best pregnant Kim look (fake baby bumps provided on arrival!) Not sure if that was to make me feel less huge or just a fun cool theme but I loved it & had the best time ever, feeling so very comfortable eating churros with a bunch of pregnant women! Just what I needed, the perfect chill yummy food birthday!!!!鈥


Kim鈥檚 big sis Kourtney posted this adorable photo of herself, their mom Kris, Kylie and their MUA pal Joyce Bonelli dressed up to the theme. Kourtney captioned the photo: 鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 expecting to look this way again quite yet, but Happy Pregnant Birthday @kimkardashian!!鈥 It looks like Kourtney, Joyce and Kris really nailed their costumes鈥 but Kylie is pregnant in her butt? Either way, it definitely looks like the partygoers had a blast.

What a sweet and considerate gesture, Kanye! High five. (And happy bday, Kim!)

What do you think of Kim鈥檚 birthday party theme? Tell us in the comments below!

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