We are firm believers in the power of neon. We like it on our walls, our bods and our feet. Our #tattooercrush at the moment is the absolutely fantastic Katie Shocrylas (aka @kshocs), an artist based in Vancouver, BC. If you’re nowhere near Canada, you’re about to be ridiculously jealous, because her work is cool and colorful, combining cutesy with edgy designs. Peep her gorgeous designs and prepare to experience some major tat FOMO.


1. Wonderful Watermelon: This gorgeous design makes it feel like summer all year. Unfortunately, it might also make you very, very hungry.


2. Lovely Landscape: Let yourself get lost on the most epic road trip ever. No one has to know it’s all a daydream courtesy of your landscape tat.


3. Donut Unicorn: If anyone tries to tell you that unicorns aren’t real, show ’em this magical pony (sporting some donut bling, no less!) to prove them wrong, because no one needs that kind of negativity.


4. Shimmering Seashells: This seashell + gems combo is the ultimate throwback to your sand art days. It’s The Little Mermaid all grown up.


5. Striped Rose: We’ve never seen a floral tattoo quite like this. The radiant sunset colors are stunning, and we love the ombre-like effect used here.


6. Happy Hearts: There are so many beautiful things going on in this tat! From the gems to the anotomical hearts to the pretty bow on top, this is one cool piece of body art.


7. Pretty Pansy: This detailed flower is the perfect combination of simple and sweet, with just the pop of color you need.


8. Luxe Lipstick: This is an absolute necessity for the beauty-obsessed girl who can never find her favorite lipstick in her purse (because she always travels with at least a dozen shades).


9. Fox Trot: There’s something super precious about an animal tattoo, no matter what the chosen critter is.


10. Adorable Avocado: It’s the perfect couple’s tat, only one person ultimately ends up with the pit… Luckily, in this case said pit is gorgeous and gold.


11. Temp Tats: Are you obsessed with Katie’s designs, but still unable to commit? You’re in mega luck, because she has a line of temporary tattoos.

Which tat are you loving? Any other tattoo artists we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via @kschocs)