A head full of colorful, dyed tresses used to come with a bit more of a shock factor than it does in 2015. It wasn’t every day that you’d be out stocking up on groceries and see a dozen gals with purple hair shopping for produce. But now, your un-touched tresses are the odd ones out. Not only has colored hair become popular, but it’s basically the standard. Even ladies who you’d never expect are flaunting the look (Kelly Ripa, we’re looking at you). So now that cotton candy and slime colored locks have gone mainstream, what comes next? Well, how about sand art hair?

All-star stylist Rebecca Taylor debuted the ultra saturated new style in a recent video collaboration with hair color line PRAVANA. Taylor says she was inspired by the super quirky clothing company The Clashist. She points out two specific garments that are covered in a sand art print and explains she’ll translate that design into a wearable hair color. It seems far fetched, but she certainly lives up to her word.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.30.34 PM

Throughout the video we watch as Taylor transforms her model, fashion blogger Hieu Cow’s hair into a ’90s, rainbowtastic dream. While it’s not necessarily a style you can replicate at home (you should really trust a professional with something as complex as this), she does demonstrate her whole process, which will make it that much easier to explain to your hairstylist.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.30.14 PM

Once Cow’s hair is finished and styled it looks exactly like – you guessed it – sand art. While it is similar to some of the multi-colored dye jobs we’ve seen in the past, this technique adds another layer of complexity to the style. Rather than painting strands solid colors, Taylor applied a sort of ombre effect to small sections of hair. And so, when it all comes together, every color kind of bleeds into another. It’s definitely not a look for the timid, but it could be the perfect way to evoke some of that shock factor back into the world of colored hair.

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(Photos via @pravana and @vividartistichairdesign)