Since we’re at the height of summer, it’s no surprise that neon is having a moment. But what is unexpected about the current surge of ultra-bright color is that it’s popping up in the most subtle ways. Forget about overwhelming electric splashes of a tropics-or-bust kind of look — neon right now is actually pretty freaking chic.

"Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp" Series Premiere

On the red carpet, stars are showing just how wearable the glowing hues can be. First, Emma Stone, Ginnifer Goodwin and Cara Delevingne are trading in pop-of-color lips for fun bursts of neon liner, a daring move that might have us passing up our black pencils for the rest of the season. And now, Wet Hot American Summer star Amy Poehler is making us totally rethink our stance on neon pumps.

The comedian and brand-new brunette is proving that neon pumps, formerly reserved for ‘80s prom queens and dance club floors, have a place in our everyday closets. Tamed by the pastel pink hues in her not-quite-plaid, not-quite-gingham dress (and that deep tan) her heels — and that electric clutch — end up injecting some fun into her outfit without feeling out of place. So the next time you want to style your finest spring pastels for summer, skip the earthy sandals and go for full-on neon.

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