Kendall Jenner Got a New Tattoo in This Totally Unexpected Spot
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Kendall Jenner Got a New Tattoo in This Totally Unexpected Spot

While sis Kylie Jenner is ALL about that tattoo life, Kendall Jenner prefers her edge to be a little more… private (just check out her hidden piercing for proof). Whether it’s a matter of personal preference or a side effect of her public gig as a model (we’re leaning toward the latter), any permanent changes to Kendall’s appearance are largely kept under wraps. Which is exactly why her newest mini tattoo is so absolutely perfect for her.

Posting a shot of Kendall in the tattoo chair showing off her new ink, tattoo artist Jon Boy revealed his client’s latest masterpiece: the word “Meow” on the inside of her lower lip.

Keeping in line with her other two tattoos (a white dot on her inner finger and a broken heart to match BFF Hailey Baldwin’s, also in white ink), it’s subtle — no one is seeing that bad boy unless Kendall wants them to ― but we have to say: We kind of love it!

Kendall has previously said she’s plenty open to more tats (despite big sis Kim’s advice “not to put a bumper sticker on a Bentley” — um, okay), so here’s to looking forward to more KJ tatspo in the future!

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(h/t Popsugar, photos via Slaven Vlasic + Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)