Your love is here to stay, and the only thing more permanent than tying the knot to show your endless love is getting inked together. Whether you want a tattoo in place of wearing a wedding ring, or you’d rather rock a subtle nod to an inside joke, these 15 couples prove that love and ink just go together.

melissa marshall

1. XO: This simple and understated tattoo says it all. With your new body art, you’ll have hugs and kisses for life. (via Melissa Marshall Photography / Junebug Weddings)

2. Anniversary Tattoo: Your ring finger already has some bling, so add onto it with some ink to complement the look.

3. PB&J: There’s no doubt that you guys go together like peanut butter and jelly. Make it official with an adorable cartoon that details the compatibility of your relationship.

elizabeth tsung

4. Sun & Moon: When your lives revolve around each other, there’s no better symbol than the sun and the moon. (via Elizabeth Tsung)

5. True Love: Nothing is more straightforward than a declaration of love. Spell out exactly how you feel in a beautiful font that exudes modern romance.

6. My Cup of Tea: Time to spill the tea: This tatt perfectly complements the other.

7. Matching Tulips: The striking colors and watercolor technique of these matching tulips will be an instant attention-grabber.

8. Initials Tattoo: Skip the tree, and add your initials to your arms for a shared inscription.

9. Anchor Tattoos: Keep each other strong and rooted with matching anchor tattoos.

10. Harry Potter Tattoos: When your obsession is mutual, the only next step is to hit up the local tattoo parlor.

elite daily

11. Geometric Tattoos: This couple tattoo perfectly reflects how well opposites attract. (via Elite Daily)

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12. Home Tattoos: Home, after all, is where your heart is.

13. Pixel Heart: Channel your inner gamer with a heart made of pixels.

14. Their Chemical Romance: Think inside the periodic table and opt for art of the molecule of serotonin, one of the body chemicals that is responsible for happiness.

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