How can babies be so darn cute when all they do is laze around all day? Oh yeah, their mushy cheeks, goofy laughs and so-so-tiny toes. Baby Khoi, is an adorable little 鈥淎www鈥 fest so naturally his dad loves snapping pics of him doing what he does best 鈥 ahem, lounging 鈥 but he decided to liven up the pics in post. With every stretch, yawn and giggle pose, Khoi鈥檚 dad sketches on top of photos of Khoi, taking him on illustrated adventures.

Seriously, these are some of the best costumes we鈥檝e ever seen, and they鈥檙e not even real costumes. Khoi鈥檚 dad has even started doodling on other babies鈥 pics, creating a whole generation of baby adventurers. We think this works as a pretty solid hack if your little one threw a tantrum when you tried to sneak a costume onto them yesterday鈥 here are a few of our faves to inspire you ;)

1. Cowboy Khoi: Giddy up! Khoi is ready to ride.

2. Shark Tamer: He doesn鈥檛 know how to swim yet, but somehow Khoi is a scuba pro.

3. Taxi Driver: Even through the baby mumbles and erratic noises, Khoi manages to entertain all of his guests.

4. Superbaby: Before one learns to walk, one must learn to fly.

5. Wizardly Scholar: His pacifier powers are unrivaled.

6. Pocket Samurai: Don鈥檛 knock his sword skills.

7. Merbaby: The king of the sea can rule from the comfort of his onesie.

8. Magneto Khoi: Move over, Fassbender. You鈥檙e not the only one with a dark side.

9. Lion Tamer: Talk about fearless. Khoi is emerging from the mouth of a lion!

10. Jazzy Khoi: We thought of Khoi as more of a fedora-and-saxophone man, but turns out he kills at the bass鈥 and mustaches.

11. Indiana Khoi: There鈥檚 no greater adventurer to emulate than the ruggedly handsome Indiana Jones.

12. Hulkmaniac: This may be our fave, mostly because of the realistic accuracy.

13. Count Khoi: In the spirit of the weekend, Khoi is showing his fangs.

14. Astronaut: To infinity the crib and beyond!

15. Avenger Jack and Mini Hulk: A baby in a puffy coat is the closest you鈥檒l get to a mini Hulk.

You can see more of Khoi鈥檚 world at his blog.

What crazy persona do you want to see Khoi take on? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t Design Taxi)