While some parents run into the Disney Store and grab whatever costume is available for their trip to Disneyland, these parents here SO DO NOT. Yes, there are plenty of over-the-counter costumes that would be just fine. But the moms and dads of these kids go the extra mile and create cosplay masterpieces to wear to the happiest place on earth. These pint-sized cosplayers don outfits that are detailed, clever and sometimes pay homage to more obscure characters from Disney’s oeuvre (Yzma! Princess Melody! Charlotte La Bouff!). Check out these 25 examples of mini-cosplaying that are so not basic and join us in a state of awe (and awwwww).

1. Moana from Moana: Moana isn’t even out yet, but that didn’t stop Designer Daddy from making his daughter a spot-on replica of the Polynesian-themed outfit. By the by, Designer Daddy sews ALL his kids’ magnificent costumes and even sells them to the public (he’ll even do custom work, so start thinking of ideas!).

2. Mary Poppins from Mary Poppins: This mini Mary Poppins is perfectly dressed from head to toe; it’s truly supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Designer Daddy gets bonus points for having his daughter pose on Jingles, the Mary Poppin commemorative horse on Disneyland’s King Arthur Carrousel.

3. Ariel from The Little Mermaid: While this really isn’t a Disneyland-worthy outfit (how, oh how, would she walk?!?), it does indeed make for a great photo opp.

4. The Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time: OUAT fans, get a load of this swanky piece of cosplay! Love that she went to Disneyland WITH an apple.

5. Alice from Alice in Wonderland: There are plenty of mass-produced Alice in Wonderland costumes to choose from. But why would you do that when Daddy can craft costume magic and create, like, the BEST Alice outfit ever.

6. Padma and Anakin from Star Wars: We see our fair share of Kylo Ren and Princess Leias while sauntering through Tomorrowland. But how often do you see kids dressed as Padma and Anakin? Like never. Except if you see these guys. Then, you’re just lucky.

7. The Fairies from Sleeping Beauty: Forget that standard-issue Aurora costume. Instead, dress your wee one and her BFFs as Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, the fairies of Sleeping Beauty.

8. Beetlejuice from Beetlejuice: This Beetlejuice cosplay is total perfection for the season. Bonus points for the customized gravestone.

9. Tiana, Charlotte and Naveen from Princess and the Frog: We see little Tiana now and then, but we rarely are #blessed with mini versions of Naveen and Charlotte. Get the three of them together and OMG, cuteness overload.

10. Ewok from Star Wars: Seriously, is this not the cutest costume EVER? There should be a law that every child under the age of six must own one.

11. Zero, Sally, Jack and Oogie Boogie of Nightmare Before Christmas: Halloween Town has a few new pint-sized residents. We so love that besides a Sally and a Jack, there’s a Zero and Oogie Boogie.

12. Maz Kanata from Star Wars: The Force Awakens: YES! A mini Maz Kanata. OMG. YES!

13. Wendy, Peter Pan and Peter Pan’s Shadow from Peter Pan: Then there are the moments where the costumes are like mini scenes. Here, Wendy attempts to sew Peter Pan’s shadow back on. Brillant.

14. MU Cheerleaders from Monsters University: Many little girls dream of growing up to be a cheerleader. Then there are the other little girls, the girls who dream of being a MONSTER cheerleader.

15. Jasmine from Aladdin: How can you not love Jasmine — she’s so rad. And we think we love her a little more when portrayed by a little coy cosplayer.

16. Ursula from The Little Mermaid: This Ursula costume is soooooo on point, and her expression? Priceless.

17. Judy Hopps from Zootopia: It’s hard to resist the hardest working bunny in Zootopia, especially when she’s a pro-level cosplayer embracing her cuteness.

18. Tinker Fett: Yes, this is a Tinkerbell, Bobo Fett mash-up. And yes, it’s awesome.

19. Loki from Thor and The Avengers: Superheroes are a dime a dozen, but a girl donned up as Loki is like a two-dollar bill: rare!

20. Princess Melody from The Little Mermaid 2: Then that same girl goes from Marvel villain to the stunning offspring of Ariel and Prince Eric. That’s some talent right there.

21. Boo fromMonsters, Inc.: Boo is so cute! On film AND in real life! We love the way she clings to Sulley; she really relishes in the role.

22. Yzma from Emperor’s New Groove: Emperor’s New Groove costumes aren’t that common, and a girl paying tribute to the film’s villain is even rarer. But it shouldn’t be. She looks AMAZING.

23. Cliff Secord of The Rocketeer: This outfit is rocking. Not sure how many would recognize this girly version of the Rocketeer, but if you do, you’ll be way impressed (I know we are!).

24. Jane from Tarzan: Could this photo be any cuter? I think not! This mini Jane is perfection!

25. Haunted Mansion Cast Member: It’s not all movie characters that get cosplayed. This little girl pulled off an excellent take on a Haunted Mansion cast member.

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