As we continue on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume, we turn our attention to adorable costumes for kids. Little ones have it pretty good in the costume department, mostly because they can turn even the more grown-up costumes (read: Lady Gaga or Edward Scissorhands) into absolute cuteness. Here are 24 awesome kids costumes you can buy and DIY.

1. Troll: This has to be one of the cutest trolls we’ve ever seen. The hair is simply perfect. (via Jamilia Jean)

2. Field of Flowers: A hot glue gun and fake flowers is just about all you need to make this field of flowers yours. Oh, and a cotton pair of pjs to glue everything onto! :) (via Oh Happy Day)

3. Lumberjack: Kids wearing beards or mustaches is always an instant win in our books. (via Make It Love It)

4. Where the Wild Things Are Monster ($63): The timeless characters from the Where the Wild Things Are are always great options for kiddos and grownups alike.

5. Baby Prince: This. Is. Genius. Doves will most definitely cry tears of joy the moment they see this costume. (via Twisted Sifter)

6. Parrot ($59): Ca-caw! This might be the best way to make your little nephew’s repeating-things phase seem less repetitive.

7. Mini Hipster: What you can’t see in these photos is the bird (aka “put a bird on it”) on the back of the leather vest. So good. (via Small + Friendly)

8. Lady Gaga: How fierce is this little monster?! (via Jamilia Jean)

9. Snail: Jordan Ferney over at Oh Happy Day certainly knows her way around an awesome kids costume. This handmade number would also be fun to make for a group of friends. (via Oh Happy Day)

10. Edward Scissorhands + the Queen of Hearts: This pairing is pretty much the best. (via The Feverlist)

11. Man Eating Shark ($50): Cue the theme music from Jaws.

12. Photobooth Strip: Love rocking out in a photo booth? Why not be a photo booth this Halloween? (via Oh Happy Day)

13. Little Red Riding Hood’s Granny: Another theme we didn’t know we loved? Dressing little kids and babies up as senior citizens. (via Make It Love It)

14. Mini Jersey Shore: This could only be made better if all the parents dressed up as Jersey Shore 50 Years from Now.

15. Fantastic Mr. Fox: This year’s sure to see a lot of foxes on the trick or treating circuit, both as Fantastic Mr. Fox and the now-classic What Does the Fox Say? (via Handmade Charlotte)

16. Fluffy White Cloud: This bundle of joy would be so much fun to wear! (via Oh Happy Day)

17. Muscleman ($89): Kids dressed as superheros are so photogenic it’s ridiculous. Fun fact: The little kiddo in this heroic costume is the son of Brit + Co. photographer Chris Andre!

18. Paper Doll: How fun is this? Might need to make one for myself… ;) (via Spoonful)

19. ’80s Glam Rocker ($35): Part Gem, part Poison, and all sorts of rock, this glam number rules.

20. Oscar the Grouch: Yes. This. Now. I think this is my favorite of the bunch. (via Little Frills)

21. King of the (Asphalt) Jungle: The most mini King Kong ever? Yes indeed. (via Spoonful)

22. Super Hero Girl ($79): Up, up, and away! This amazing girl is ready to save the world, one gold legging at a time.

23. Ferocious Felt Lion Coat ($160): Is it wrong that I would totally support wearing this coat all year around?

24. Gumball Machine: Last, an old fashioned gum ball machine. So cute. (via Inchmark)

What’s the best kids costume you’ve seen? Talk to us in the comments below.