Food isn’t the enemy. The way your kiddo eats, it may seem like it, but it isn’t something to fight over. We’ve been there — the struggles, the snubbing, the pure hatred of anything that might possibly be healthy. The good news is you can totally help your child to get through her picky phase. There are plenty of places to get help — blogs, books, and even good ol’ Instagram. Check out these awesome IG accounts to help inspire some solutions for picky-eating ideas galore!

1. theplatedzoo: Just when your tot thought food was boring, theplatedzoo gives us platypuses (platypi?) made from fruit. If your child turns her nose up at the veggies you put in front of her, try one of these darling, delicious designs.

2. mamamakesfood: YEAH she does! Megan, the mama behind this Insta, shares healthy meals that are entirely approachable. Think baked wild salmon with coconut aminos; roasted purple cabbage with turmeric, cauliflower, and steamed sugar snap peas; and an apple and grape salad that looks totally kid-friendly.

3. my_kids_lick_the_bowl: This feed is run by one creative, recipe-creating mama. These popcorn chicken tenders are a fab foodie find perfect for if you’re not exactly into the store-bought, ready-made, frozen version. In other words, you’re looking at real food for real kids.

4. vegan_mum_of_boys: Whether your family is full-time vegan or you’re just trying it out with your child, this ‘grammer has plenty of plant-based ideas. If you don’t think that pasta in a tofu ragu is something a picky eater would ever touch, take a look at how this mum prepares it!

5. myfussyeater: Not only does Ciara, the creator of My Fussy Eater, provide some mouth-watering pics, but she also includes picky eating tips as well. And if you’re looking for alternative ideas, she’s got ’em: Instead of fast food chicken nuggets, your fussy eater can try her veggie version.

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SWEET'N'SAVOURY CUTE ROLL-UP'S💥 Let's send them back to school with fun lunches not only fill them up, but also FUEL them up! ❤️These wraps are so healthy, versatile, and delicious! # SWEET ROLL UP💕- inspired by @weelicious Ingredients💥💥: 1 tortilla shell (I recommend @foodforlifebaking wraps for sprouted grains, and @latortillafactory for their GF wraps!!). 1 ripe banana 2 T nut butter / WOWbutter/ sunflower seed butter 2 T @manitobaharvest hemp hearts + tiny squeeze of lemon juice . Instructions💥💥: Spread the nut/seed butter all over the halved tortilla shell Sprinkle hemp hearts all over the top of it Sprinkle a pinch of lemon juice all around the banana; to prevent browning in the lunchbox Place the banana along the outer edge of the the tortilla shell Roll it up Lay it with the 'seam' facing down in the lunchbox # SAVOURY ROLL UP💕. Ingredients💥💥: 1 tortilla shell 2 Tbsp @habibisfoods hummus / or 2 Tbsp tzaziki of choice 4 or 5 julienned red bell pepper sticks 2-3 Tbsp grated carrot Optional add-in's: Romaine lettuce, shredded chicken, diced cucumber, grated beets Instructions💥💥: Spread the hummus/tzaziki (or both!) all over the tortilla shell Lay the veggies down along the outer edge of the tortilla shell; stacking them on top of one another Roll it up tightly (you can wrap the bottom with saran if you feel that it would help your child to eat it). Lay it with the 'seam' facing down in the lunchbox. # TIP 💡: Try offering both the sweet and the savoury combination the first time, and see which your child prefers. It will make the lunchbox successful in the days ahead; you will know that you are sending what they love, and they will feel apart of the decision process! In other words; the food won't be wasted, and neither will your efforts! 🙌🏻WIN-WIN. Oh! And obviously if they choose the sweet wrap... you just send veggies on the side 😉😉

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6. cleanlittleplates: Melanie is a mom and a pretty rad recipe creator. Her little plates are clean in every sense; they’re made from healthy food and your kid is sure to lick the plate clean! We’re partial to the veggie cracker stackers and sweet and savory roll-up sandwiches. Yum.

7. healthylittlefoodies: Healthy food for little hands. This mom from down under packs a punch with fun, healthy foods such as carrot and parsnip fritters and noodle baskets. Mmm.

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