Making your own baby food has an endless number of benefits. It saves you money, it’s easy, lets you monitor exactly what’s going into your baby’s belly and lets you control the ingredients you add in to each recipe to match your baby’s developing tastebuds. We know you’ve already got your bundle of joy dressed in some awesome garb and that you’re prepared for everything with the latest and greatest baby gadgets, but go ahead and check one more thing off your list by treating that little one to these 15 homemade baby food recipes.

1. Tropical Avocado Pudding: When making your baby’s purees at home, you can pretty much throw whatever you want in the mix. The combo options can get crazy, but we think your baby will love this banana and avocado duo. (via Camille Styles)

2. Pear, Prune + Baby Super Greens: This is packed full of vitamins from the greens and prunes that will help strengthen baby’s immune and digestive systems. (via Baby Foode)

3. Pureed Peas: Peas are a superfood for babies. One cup has lots of nutrients that are essential for your little one. Throw them in a blender with some water, and you’ll have a delicious meal ready in no time. (via In Sock Monkey Slippers)

4. Apple Fennel: Apples are one of the “Dirty Dozen” ingredients that you should always buy organic in order to avoid pesticides. This apple dish is great on its own, and is definitely full of flavor. (via Weelicious)

5. Raw Blueberry, Mango, Avocado + Mile Green Chile: Avocados are a mild, nutrient-filled food that should be introduced to your baby as soon as possible. (via Baby Foode)

6. Homemade Strawberry Milk: Here’s a creative way to help your baby develop strong bones and muscles. Making flavored milk at home also eliminates added refined sugars. (via Mash Your Heart Out)

7. Sauteed Zucchini: This vegetable puree also makes an excellent pasta sauce for grown ups. Whip up one batch, dish out a little for baby and pour the rest over a delicious noodle dinner for you. (via Know Your Produce)

8. Blueberry, Chickpea + Rosemary: Rosemary is known to promote healthy circulation and digestion. Combined with chickpeas, it’s a force to be reckoned with. (via Baby Foode)

9. Baked Cinnamon Apple: Another benefit to making your baby’s meals at home is that the food will actually taste like its ingredients, such as fresh and fruity apples. Store-bought food can often taste way different than you’d think. (via Honest Fare)

10. Chicken With Carrots and Apple: If this pick tastes even half as good as it looks, your baby’s guaranteed to be happy. (via Anabel Karmel)

11. Vegetable Medley: A bag of mixed veggies all blended together = simple and savory. (via Super Healthy Kids)

12. Sweet Potato, Apple + Carrot: Yummy add-ins like ginger and cinnamon will make this puree difficult for us to resist. (via Jen Loves Kev)

13. White Peach + Banana: Let baby get first dibs on this fruity meal, then add yogurt to the leftovers to make a smoothie for yourself! (via Baby Bullet Blog)

14. Sweet Potatoes: This blogger has tons of great recipes that make all kinds of fruits and veggies edible for your loved one. We’re thinking these sweet potatoes look delish! (via The Diva Dish)

15. Squash Cubes: Freezing your baby food in ice cube trays covered with plastic wrap is a great way to pre-portion everything for meals to come. (via Hello Little Scout)

What blends does your little one love? Spoon us some advice in the comments below!

(Photo via Camille Styles)