Raise your hand if you take a selfie a day… okay, maybe it’s more like 20 to score the one that you’ll actually post. And while that number probably went down significantly when many of you unwrapped a selfie stick over the holidays, now there’s a new gadget on the market that you will probably be on the fence about adding to your want list.


Say buh-bye to bathroom mirror selfies, ladies and gents. Enter the BelfieStick, a Tina Belcher-approved gadget that works as a rear-view mirror to give you the best angle of your backside.

Here’s how it works: Attach your smartphone to the holster at the end of the stick, use the extendable arm and bendable hinge to adjust the angle and press the Bluetooth button at the end of handle. Voila, you’ve taken a #belfie. Whether you’re bumming around Londontown, want to document your tropical vacay sans hot dog legs or are just really proud of your bootay and want to send your SO something cheeky, the BelfieStick will help you get the perfect pic.


At $80 a pop, the BelfieStick is definitely for the selfie aficionado. If you want to add this to your selfie gadget collection, you’ll have to wait for them to re-stock, butt you can place a pre-order. We’re left to wonder if Kim K will be on that list?

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(h/t Digital Trends)