Fridays are supposed to be fun and all, but Kristen Bell just hit us with a crazy truth bomb: you can waste almost 5 gallons of water each day just by washing your face. Considering that it’s Earth Month — and that our home state of California is in the midst of a historic drought — it’s an especially hard-to-swallow fact. So what’s a girl to do? Kristen wants you to #WipeforWater.

Launched in partnership with Neutrogena Naturals and The Nature Conservancy, the #WipeforWater movement aims to raise awareness about conserving water by challenging people to skip the H20 when it comes to cleansing your face for seven whole days. And the water-saving solution? Kristen promotes using only Neutrogena Naturals’ Purifying Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes ($7) to remove daily dirt, oil and makeup.

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve reached for a makeup remover wipe over turning on the faucet. They’re often our sole source of clean relief on road trips or camping excursions, not to mention a go-to after long nights out even when we *do* have access to a running resource. And since the wipes Kristen is slinging in the campaign kick-off vid are are made with 100% renewable fibers, we feel a littttle bit better about creating a larger trash heap for that week off of water. So, even though in the long run experts recommend more gentle methods of facial cleansing for your everyday routine (or immediately rinsing with water post-wipe), we’re down with a week-long run of busting grime sans water. Who knows? You might end up really feelin’ it and rise to Shailene Woodley-levels of water reduction. Rinsing your mouth with oil or stopping the shower while you wash your bod just might be in your very, very green future.

What ways are you going green for earth month? Tell us about all your earth-friendly plans (+ DIYs!) in the comments below.

h/t Byrdie; Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty