When listing off our beauty + style icons, there tends to be one common theme among them: they’re all human. But it seems like that’s now no longer the case because folks, we’ve just discovered Kuma the Shih Tzu and her hair game is ON POINT.

Kuma the Shih Tzu 5

With over 25,000 followers, Kuma is constantly filling up her followers’ feeds with some expert visual advice on how to rock the latest hair trend. Not sure how to wear your hair under that winter hat? Kuma knows. Need some a quick and easy way to spruce up that lazy girl bun? She’s got you covered there too.

Kuma the Shih Tzu 3

Kuma can’t talk (yet) but we’re getting a strong feeling Lady Gaga is one of her biggest inspirations.

Kuma the Shih Tzu 4

We feel a little bit weird about how much we’re lusting after the smooth, silky locks of a dog but you know what, it is what it is.

Kuma the Shih Tzu 1

Kuma, never change. We love you (and your hair).

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(Photos via @moem_n)