Happy Friday morning! From a sweet sisterly pep talk to a HUGE Spice Girls teaser, here are six news items you need to know this morning!

1. THIS. Is. Everything. If you hadn鈥檛 heard, Kylie Jenner broke up with longtime boyfriend Tyga this week, and is crashing at her mom Kris Jenner鈥檚 house for a while to mend her heartbreak. 鈥淎ny of you OGs remember my old bedroom?鈥 she asked in an Instagram video. 鈥淚 think I鈥檒l be staying here for a few days.鈥 Sister Khloe was just a few minutes away at her own home, and decided to keep her little sister company on Snapchat, with the two of them getting kind of existential 鈥 and it got deep! 鈥淚n three words, Kylie, who is Kylie Jenner?鈥 Khloe asked. 鈥淭he real Kylie Jenner is sensitive, weird and I love really hard. Can you tell me who you think I am?鈥 What Khloe said is gonna make you misty: 鈥淜ylie Jenner is so incredibly smart, deeply, deeply loving and incredibly generous. I have a lot more words that you are Kylie, but I do want to say hysterical as well.鈥 Kylie admitted that she was gonna cry too. Awww.

2. Audrina Patridge did a fan Q&A for The Hills鈥 10-year anniversary! It鈥檚 hard to believe that The Hills first aired more than 10 years ago (!!!), and if you鈥檙e anything like us, your interest in the lives of the young women on the show is still strong (um, for instance, we鈥檝e been obsessed with Audrina鈥檚 maternity style, and you鈥檝e PROBABLY noticed that we鈥檙e big fans of Lauren Conrad, who is Brit + Co鈥檚 guest editor for the month of May!). To celebrate, Audrina took questions from her Twitter followers and turned it into a post for her blog, answering questions about just how scripted the show really was, and, naturally, what the REAL deal with Justin Bobby was. All you Hills-heads can read the full thing here.

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And I say oohhhh LALA

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3. Are the Spice Girls making new music together? We鈥檝e already been waiting for the official word on the Spice Girls reunion tour, and now it looks like we have some new music to get excited about as well! Three of the Girls 鈥 Mel B., Emma and Geri 鈥 spent the past two days at London鈥檚 Play Deep Studios, according to the Mirror. Mel B. shared an Instagram of the three of them with the caption, 鈥淎nd I say oohhhh LALA,鈥 which really could be from or mean anything, but we鈥檙e going to go ahead and say it鈥檚 a teaser for a new song! SPICE WORLD FOREVER.

4. Meghan Trainor suffered the most epic fall on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During her performance of her new single 鈥淢e Too,鈥 the singer went down when she tried to turn on her giant heels. Luckily, it happened at the VERY end of her song (which she slayed, we might add), and rather than getting right back up, Meghan very hilariously stayed lying down. Then she spread out and got comfy while Jimmy joined her on the ground.

5. This man dancing to J Lo is breaking the internet. Troy Miller, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, is ALWAYS busting a move to his favorite pop songs, and his routine for Jennifer Lopez鈥檚 鈥淎in鈥檛 Your Mama鈥 blew up this week. And why not? He looks AMAZING. Happy Friday!

6. Quote of the day: Hayden Panettiere announced her immediate plans following the announcement of Nashville鈥檚 cancellations.


Good luck and good for you, Hayden!

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