Before Ruby Rose, Laura Prepon was the original love interest on Orange Is the New Black, and some of us have wanted to live like her ever since she was Donna on That 70’s Show (admit it, you ALL thought Topher Grace was cute for like a second too!). We’re pretty much down with everything she does, so when we heard she’s trying to be a wellness guru, we were sold.


Prepon announced on Instagram yesterday that she’s launching a cookbook called The Stash Plan to be released March 1 of next year.


According to her website, this wellness plan emphasizes “stimulating the liver and gall bladder,” “daily resistance stretching” and carrying a “stash” of healthy foods with you wherever you go to avoid temptation. According to Prepon, her stash usually includes healthy soups and broths (if you want to try this before buying her book, check out our soup inspirations). She also says that she tried a lot of other diet plans before finding this one that she feels is the perfect way to boost energy and maintain a healthy weight.


No word yet if this cookbook will include OITNB-themed recipes like this one for Chang’s frito balls, but hey, we can dream!

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(Photos via @thestashplan)