It’s no secret that we’ve got a weakness for LEGOS. We also happen to love things that are colorful, staying organized, and being really obsessive about our calendars. So, what happens when all of these things come together? The incredible LEGO calendar!

Created by the trio of creatives over at Vitamins, a design studio in London, this colorful calendar was the product of hours spent racking their brains thinking of how to stay organized both on- and offline. There is something nice about having a physical on-the-wall calendar that you can glance at from time to time, but urgency and efficiency require us to keep most schedule-related details online. So why not invent something that does both?

The three-month calendar is made entirely of LEGOS, but if you take a photo of it with your smartphone, all of the events and timings are magically synchronized to a digital calendar.

But why LEGOS? Well, for these folks the calendar had to be big and visible. After all, looking at a computer monitor or smartphone screen just doesn’t give you the big picture like a physical multiple month calendar does. Next up, it had to be tactile. In their words, “we loved the idea of being able to hold a bit of time, and to see and the size of time.” Pretty interesting concept, if you ask us.

They also needed to keep the calendar secure. Many of the clients they work with require privacy, so they needed something they could put up on the wall without revealing client names or project specifics to casual passersby. Each block color represents a different project or person, with larger blocks representing larger periods of time.

So, not only does this calendar put a huge color-loving smile on your face, but it keeps you more organized too. How cool is that? According to their website, they’ll be sharing the code for their calendar soon, so anyone can create their own custom LEGO calendar that syncs with their smartphone. Awesome!

How do you stay organized at your office? A massive Google Calendar with 10 different colors on it? In an actual notebook? Talk to us in the comments below.