Y’all ready for this?! We’ve asked you this question countless times before, but never has it been this appropriate. Today we are pleased to tell you that two iconic pillars of your childhood have announced a potentially perfect partnership. Meet The Simpsons, LEGO edition.

Announced earlier this week, this brand new LEGO set will be available February first for just $199. What?! Yeah. Considering it includes over 2,500 pieces and six custom LEGO mini figures, it’s actually pretty darn reasonable when it comes to novelty LEGO sets.

The set will include everything you need to build your own version of this Springfield home, complete with the car, Bart’s skateboard, a piano, and, of course, that couch.

Lisa is pictured rocking out on the keys here, which makes us think a LEGO saxophone is on its way in limited edition form.

Of course, Flanders is involved in the base set, with his cheeky apron at the ready.

As part of the partnership, a special LEGO episode of The Simpsons in brick form will debut in May. We can’t wait to see it!

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