Christmas definitely ranks high on our list of favorite holidays. A few days off, Mariah Carey on repeat, fun times with family, and lots (and lots…and lots) of amazing food — who wouldn’t love such a holiday!? It also got us buzzing around in the office, brainstorming and creating tons of holiday themed goodies to spread the joy. Here’s a recap of a few faves just in case you missed them:

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I have to say though, my favorite part of the holidays are the lights. My family (er, my dad in particular) has always been obsessive about our home’s Christmas light display. My dad now even uses a lighting technology called Light-O-Rama to decorate our house in computerized lights that automatically dance to music. (Digital DIY decor? Like father, like daughter, I guess.) Here’s a photo I was recently sent. You can’t tell from the photo, but it’s quite a scene — the lights are all blinking like crazy. You certainly can’t miss it as you drive down the street.

Now that you’ve seen my home, I want to see yours. Thus, we’re officially announcing the Brit + Co. Holiday Light Contest!

To enter, all you have to do is submit a photo of your own light display on our Facebook page. If you don’t have Facebook, you can email it to us at You can even link to it elsewhere on the web using the comments below. We will be featuring all of the coolest, most creative lights and will pick a few of our favorites as the winners.

What do winners get? A free 3-month Brit Kit subscription! If you’re already subscribed, we can either credit you or you can gift it to a friend. And trust me, it’ll definitely come in handy during a cold winter storm bound to hit in January or February. Before you submit your own, though, here are 25 light displays to get you inspired.

1. Calvalcade of Lights – Canada: We can’t believe this is real life and not just a digitally altered photo. But, our Canadian staff member, Aaron, verified that the Cavalcade of lights is indeed this beautiful. (via Daniel Wei)

2. Champs-Élysées – France: We wouldn’t mind the rain if all rainy streets looked this beautiful. (via Stuck in Customs)

3. Callahan Christmas: “Christmas with a Capital C.” We would definitely agree. (via 26StreetLights)

4. 34th Street – Baltimore: How often do you think these people reference the movie, Miracle on 34th Street? PS: Is that a crab? (via Kevin Moore)

5. Frisco, Texas: We’re loving the salute to Texas A&M cleverly added in the light display. (Even though I personally went to their rival school, UT. Hook Em!) (via Frisco Christmas)

6. Kobe Luminaire – Japan: Not only is this Luminaire mind blowing, it’s represents hope and unity to the people of Kobe. (via Ryuusenkaku)

7. Disney World: Of course, no spectacular light display round-up would be complete without Cinderella’s Castle at Disney! Just looking at it brings back fond memories of Main Street. (via Todd Hurley)

8. Home of Dominic Luberto – Boston: Can you believe this is the work of one man? Amazing! (via Paul Keleher)

9. Silver Dollar City – Missouri: This theme park in Branson, Missouri goes all out during Christmas. Watch out Disney World, looks like there’s some competition! (via All Things Branson)

10. Madrid: They’re literally spreading the love (and the lights) over in Espana. Love it! (via cmedrang)

11. Holdman Family – Utah: Not only is this lightscape beautiful, but it’s charitable. The Holdmans give any donations received to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Rad. (via Holdman Christmas)

12. Dearing Dazzle  – Texas: Texas really loves their lights (makes me proud). Dearing Dazzle has lights synchronized their lights to 17 songs that run for about 45 minutes. It’s a whole show! (via Dearing Dazzle)

13. Santa Clarita – California: It seems like beautiful Christmas lights are also a clever way to market your radio station! We’ll be thinking of new ways to market Brit + Co. during our holiday light set-up next year… ;) (via Z1-1)

14. Hyatt Extreme Christmas – Florida: Nope, this isn’t lighting put on by the hotel. It’s by a husband and wife pair! The duo use 175,000 lights and have been decorating since 1990. (via Hyatt Extreme Christmas)

15. Downs Family Christmas – Oklahoma: Check out a beautiful lightscape and also drop off a donation for the local food bank. We love the unique pyramids guarding the house! Very mod-chic. (via Downs Family Christmas)

16. Seoul Plaza – Korea: We’re loving the intricate patterns and colors of this display. (via Carpe Feline)

17. Johnson City – Texas: If old Southern plantations had Christmas lights, we imagine it would look like this. (via New York Panorama)

18. Oxford Street – London: Shopping AND epic lights in one spot? It really doesn’t get better. (via LondonTown)

19. Alex Goodhind – England: One man. One amazing house. Warning: it’s kind of trippy. (via Daily Mail UK)

20. Dyker Heights – New York: What’s great about Dyker Heights is that it’s not just one house — the whole community decorates their houses to celebrate the holidays. Now that’s teamwork! (via Bridge and Tunnel Club)

21. Gangnam Style – Australia: Of course, we had to include this house that lights up to the smash hit by Psy. That man is everywhere! PS: Love the modern and simplistic design going on here. And the winking face, of course. Click the link to see the full video. No really, click it. You won’t regret it. (via Vimeo)

22. Midtown Tokyo – Japan: We’re definitely wondering how many bulbs it took to make this sea of lights! What a crazy electricity bill they must have. (via Hungeree)

23. Gardner Christmas Display – North Dakota: Blue and white lights make a very ethereal scene, especially against the white snow. Gorgeous. (via Gardner Christmas Light Display)

24. Hillside Playground Association – Pennsylvania: Every town needs a lighted playground for the kids. Seriously, my 7-year-old self would never have wanted to leave. Oh heck, my 27-year-old self wouldn’t either. Brilliant. (via Hillside Playground Association)

25. Ljubljana’s Old City – Slovenia: This reminds us of the hotels in Vegas, but waaaaaaay better. (via Sina)

And we had to include this epic bonus…

Bonus! Ditto – Australia: Now that is what we call a hack. Well done sir, well done. (via Daily Mail UK)

Are you fully inspired? Now go on and snap a photo of your own house! Don’t worry if it’s not as intricately decorated as these homes, we are judging on all types of creative merit, including incredibly DIY displays, things that make us LOL, Most Electricity Used, etc. We want it all! Email it to us ( or upload the photo to our Facebook page. We’ll be announcing the winner on Christmas Day!

If you have any questions about the giveaway or just want to say hey, you can email us at or find us on Facebook or Twitter.