In honor of jolly ‘ol Saint Nick, we’ve rounded up 25 of the weirdest Santa items we’ve seen floating around. And trust us, it gets weird. Enjoy!

1. Santa Beardhead: Keep your head and heart warm by carrying a little bit of Santa with you this winter.

2. Santa Toilet Seat Cover and Matching Rug: Santa doesn’t just come down chimneys anymore, he also makes surprise appearances in your bathroom!

3. Plush Santa Chimney Party Hat Accessory: When you throw your Christmas party, stand out from the crowd with the Santa chimney hat.

4. Yoda Santa Hat: If you’re a Star Wars fan, you definitely need this.

5. Santa Coffee Cozy: Admittedly, this isn’t that weird. But it’s just so adorbs that we had to throw it in.

6. Santa Pilsner’s Glass: “Filled with cheer beer”. Enough said.

7. Santa Wine Aprons: Because every wine bottle needs an apron. Especially a Santa apron.

8. Mooning Santa Napkins: Even Santa has to channel his inner frat boy every once in a while.

9. Hannari Plush Santa Claus Tofu: Tofu and Santa, together at last!

10. “Poop Happens” Candy Dispenser: He doesn’t just give gifts, he also poops candy!

11. Santa Sipper: A sippy cup for Santa. Love it.

12. Santa Toilet Paper: Hmmm… we’re not quite sure whether or not Santa would endorse this.

13. Santal: Fancy!

14. iPad Case: Holiday-themed iPad case? Don’t mind if we do.

15: Tumbling Santas Cupcake Picks: No holiday potluck would be complete without some acrobatic Santa cupcake picks.

16: Sexy Santa Costume Heel: Move over Christian Grey, it’s time for 50 shades of Santa.

17. Despicable Me Jorge Santa Minion Plush: Awww… cue the singing!

18. Santa Drinking Hat: Now you’re ready for Santa-con! (P.S. Doesn’t this guy have weirdly sparkly eyes?)

19. Santa Briefs: No comment.

20. Santa Tablecloth: We all know Santa is a big foodie…

21. Santa Solar Light Covers: Sleep easier knowing that he’s watching over your house?

22. Santa Flip Flops: Perfect for those who celebrate Christmas in warmer climes.

23. Santa Pants Double Wine Holder: BYOW pants. Brilliant! Considering that it holds two bottles of wine, you’re really getting the bang for your buck.

24. Farting Santa Butt Travel Pillow: (cue informercial voice) Not only does it provide a comfortable pillow for your head, it also farts! And is a butt!

25. Santa Poncho: Little Red Riding hood meets Santa chic. So strange.

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