Santa Baby: The 25 Weirdest Santa-Themed Items Ever
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Santa Baby: The 25 Weirdest Santa-Themed Items Ever

In honor of jolly ‘ol Saint Nick, we’ve rounded up 25 of the weirdest Santa items we’ve seen floating around. And trust us, it gets weird. Enjoy!

1. Santa Beardhead: Keep your head and heart warm by carrying a little bit of Santa with you this winter.

2. Santa Toilet Seat Cover and Matching Rug: Santa doesn’t just come down chimneys anymore, he also makes surprise appearances in your bathroom!

3. Plush Santa Chimney Party Hat Accessory: When you throw your Christmas party, stand out from the crowd with the Santa chimney hat.

4. Yoda Santa Hat: If you’re a Star Wars fan, you definitely need this.

5. Santa Coffee Cozy: Admittedly, this isn’t that weird. But it’s just so adorbs that we had to throw it in.

6. Santa Pilsner’s Glass: “Filled with cheer beer”. Enough said.

7.  Santa Wine Aprons: Because every wine bottle needs an apron. Especially a Santa apron.

8. Mooning Santa Napkins: Even Santa has to channel his inner frat boy every once in a while.

9. Hannari Plush Santa Claus Tofu: Tofu and Santa, together at last!

10. “Poop Happens” Candy Dispenser: He doesn’t just give gifts, he also poops candy!

11. Santa Sipper: A sippy cup for Santa. Love it.

12. Santa Toilet Paper: Hmmm… we’re not quite sure whether or not Santa would endorse this.

13. Santal: Fancy!

14. iPad Case: Holiday-themed iPad case? Don’t mind if we do.

15: Tumbling Santas Cupcake Picks: No holiday potluck would be complete without some acrobatic Santa cupcake picks.

16: Sexy Santa Costume Heel: Move over Christian Grey, it’s time for 50 shades of Santa.

17.  Despicable Me Jorge Santa Minion Plush: Awww… cue the singing!

18. Santa Drinking Hat: Now you’re ready for Santa-con! (P.S. Doesn’t this guy have weirdly sparkly eyes?)

19. Santa Briefs: No comment.

20. Santa Tablecloth: We all know Santa is a big foodie…

21. Santa Solar Light Covers: Sleep easier knowing that he’s watching over your house?

22. Santa Flip Flops: Perfect for those who celebrate Christmas in warmer climes.

23. Santa Pants Double Wine Holder: BYOW pants. Brilliant! Considering that it holds two bottles of wine, you’re really getting the bang for your buck.

24. Farting Santa Butt Travel Pillow: (cue informercial voice) Not only does it provide a comfortable pillow for your head, it also farts! And is a butt!

25. Santa Poncho: Little Red Riding hood meets Santa chic. So strange.

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