In case you missed it, Brit made yet another appearance on the Today Show this morning! And this time, it was all about how to creatively gift wrap on a budget.

From sprucing up brown paper bags to repurposing old items to creating bags and envelopes from scratch, we’ve got you covered in the gift wrap department. Here are 15 of the DIY wrapping ideas we included in our segment on the Today show.

Brown Paper Bags: Use old shopping bags as wrapping paper and spruce up with paper, confetti, twine, yarn, and more.

1. Gift Tags as Address Labels: Sending a package by mail? No need to sacrifice style. Use old school gift labels as address labels.

2. Tissue Paper Confetti: This was one of our favorites from last year’s 12 Days of Wrapping series.

3. Colorful Yarn: With just a few strands of colorful yarn, it’s easy to make any package pop.

4. Doilies: When in doubt, doily it up!

5. Tree Pop-Up: How cute is this pop-up tree? Simply fold a piece of patterned paper in half, cut out a tree shape, and stick on your box.

6. Metallic Confetti: A little more disco than the tissue paper variety.

DIY Packaging: No box? No envelope? No problem.

7. Duct Tape Sleeves: You know we can’t get enough duct tape around here. These neon sleeves are just what the doctor ordered on a dreary winter day.

8. Duct Tape Envelopes:Originally created with September weddings in mind, this is the perfect handmade touch to a gift card or cash gift.

9. Paper Cones: Giving jewelry or something small? Add a little flair to the packaging by coning it up.

Creative Gift Tags: Already covered in the wrapping department? Add a creative tag to give a personal touch to all your presents.

10. Cotton Ball Snowmen: How cute are these? Use cotton balls or white pom poms, twigs, and a Sharpie hat to make your own.

11. Parchment Paper Envelopes: Great for table cards or even business cards, these parchment paper confetti-filled envelopes also make great gift tags.

12. Repurposed Holiday Cards: Can you believe these awesome tags came from old Christmas cards? Genius!

Repurposed Wrap: Turn stockings, shirts, and sweaters into wrapping “paper.”

13. Colorful Stockings: Remember these old things? Such a fun way to repurpose the legs of tights that are past their prime.

14. Sweater Sleeve: Got a sleeve or two leftover from your repurposing old sweaters kick? Turn it into gift wrap!

15. Table Cloth (not pictured): If you’ve got an oversized gift (like the Angry Bird Brit found in the Today show vid above), use a table cloth and large box to wrap it up!

Brit looked like a regular Mrs. Claus when we sent her to New York this week! :)

For more creative goodness on the wrapping front, check out Brit’s unconventional gift wrap board as part of Pinterest’s 30 Days of Pinspiration!

What are your favorite DIY methods for gift wrap? Talk to us in the comments below.