It’s no secret that Lucy Hale likes to play around with her hair. From naturally dark to platinum blonde and back again, (not to mention hair tattoos and next-day up-dos), she more often than not slays with her mane. However, it’s not always a total win. For instance, her recent Bantu (AKA Zulu) knots caused a total controversy, and now she’s sparked a stir again over what she referred to as her “baby hair.”

Lucy Hale

So that we’re all in the know: Baby hair is the fine hair that grows along the hairline, and has been styled for years by African-American and Latina ladies, who often slick hair down in this area or style it. Caucasian gals don’t tend to have the same kind of hair texture that denotes baby hair, despite what Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale may have thought.

Taking to Twitter to share a pic of herself during a recent photoshoot, she included the caption, “The time my baby hairs came to good use at a shoot. 👊🏻”

Plenty of folks were not keen on her choice of terms.

Lucy eventually deleted the pic and apologized…

Ay yi yi! What a mess!

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(h/t Cosmopolitan, photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)