If you got your morning coffee at your normal coffee shop this morning, you did it wrong. Today and today only, 250 diners across the country transformed into the real-life version of our favorite fictional restaurant: Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls. The pop-up event was organized by Netflix to hype up the show’s revival on the streaming network launching later next month.

Naturally, when something goes viral across the Internet AND is linked to Gilmore Girls, crowds and extreme fandom follow suite. If you didn’t get a chance to make it to a Luke’s near you OR if the line spanning multiple blocks scared you away, here are a few things you missed.

1. Luke showed up. The real Luke (AKA Scott Gordon-Patterson) showed up to the Luke’s pop-up in Beverly Hills. Except this time he wasn’t behind the counter — and his hat is on the wrong way.

2. The (FREE!) coffee came with a GG quote. Shout-out to all the mega fans who will now be incorporating this paper cup into their current kitchen decor.

3. The signage was legit. All cafes were outfitted with swag to make them feel like the Stars Hollow staple. There were t-shirts, cardboard cut-outs of Luke and this outdoor sign, which was basically made for the perfect Instagram moment.

4. Naturally, cell phones were NOT allowed. But then how did you take this pic, Instagrammer? Hmm. We spy a rule breaker. Lorelai would be so proud.

5. The lines were the same size as the Stars Hallow’s entire population. Okay, that’s not an actual statistic, but it’s probably pretty accurate.

Sadly, if you’re reading this, it’s too late to see Luke’s IRL. But revisit it in all it’s glory when the show returns to Netflix on November 25.

Did you make it to the pop-up? Tag us in your pictures @BritandCo.