Here’s the scenario. You walk into the office on a Monday morning. You head to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, and Bev from accounting perks up about how rad your top is. You reply with an excited, “Thanks” and maybe a quick I-got-it-on-sale vignette. End of story… or rather, no story at all.

Now if you were donning a little something from Madesmith, things would have played out differently. You’d probably know the exact location where your shirt was made. You’d know what materials were used, not to mention the processes and techniques used. And you might even know the maker’s family history. That’s because Madesmith is hell-bent on highlighting incredible makers who are manufacturing their products in the U.S. and going about it the old timey way. This means that every piece you can buy on their website is crafted with passion so you’ll want to know every last detail about it. And they’re giving it all to you through beautiful imagery and some good old fashioned storytelling.

Over on Madesmith, you’ll find products ranging from cheese tools and reclaimed-wood skateboards to Japanese print-inspired shirts. Every product that you’re looking at is limited production and only available on their website.

You can think of Madesmith as an Etsy that’s been curated for you, only bringing you the best of the best… don’t get us wrong, we love Etsy to bits, but sometimes we have to go through 10 pages of products before we can find that gem produced by a dedicated maker.

Madesmith’s not just doing all of this so you can have an interesting conversation with Bev in the cafeteria on Monday morning. They want you, and everyone, to buy more thoughtfully. In a world where it’s easy to binge consume, Madesmith is promoting mindful consumption in hopes that people will consume less. And when we do make a purchase, they want to help us have a connection with the product.

If they’re connecting you to the maker in a deep and meaningful way, you can imagine how deeply they’re bonding with those same makers. Not only do they go to makers’ studios and workshops and take photographs and videos of them working to find out their backstory, but they work with them to come up with a product specifically for their online store. What that means for you is that you get the chance to buy limited production, exclusive products and read inspiring in-depth stories about the people who make them.

Madesmith is a gives makers a platform to sell their goods, and offers services like branding, photography, Kickstarter campaigns and sourcing. So if you’re a maker feeling stifled in any area at all, they have someone on staff who can help you out.

Okay, but rather than listening to us blather on about it, head to Madesmith. Read their incredible stories about makers. Look at the beautiful images. Feast your eyes on the wares. Buy those things. Be connected to those things. Have the best table conversations at your next dinner party. Feel happy about your purchases and the making that you’ve made possible.

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