You’ve found her. She’s your other half, the Taylor Swift to your Selena Gomez. Now she’s found her Calvin Harris and they’re tying the knot. As the official MOH, you couldn’t be happier for your BFF! But now you have a very *important* task at hand: giving a toast to the newlyweds. This is your time in the spotlight… or a chance to embarrass your bestie just a little. If the idea of standing up in front of all those people frazzles your nerves, don’t panic just yet. Speak confidently by following these 10 tips to make sure your toast is funny, heartfelt and super memorable. After all, the bride picked YOU to stand by her side on her big day, and you want to make her proud.


1. Talk to the bride. You don’t have to spill the beans before the wedding, but a quick check before writing won’t hurt a soul. Some brides might have input on things that they want you to incorporate or things they absolutely want you to leave out. Plus, talking to her might also help you get some cute little tidbits about the couple that are worth mentioning. Plus, she’ll remind you that you’re a boss and that you’ve totally got this.

2. Make it meaningful. This is no time for a generic toast. We’re talking about your BFF and her soulmate here. Everyone knows she’s great and an awesome partner, but what exactly makes her so great? Talk about what she’s done for you or something that shows her true character, like a particular something that you and the groom both love about her. The couple is going to look back on this moment for years, so make it count!

3. Remember: It’s about them, not you. While it’s great to talk about how you know the bride and a few fun times that the two of you have shared, this toast is not about you. Talk about some of the adventures y’all have had or when she’s been there for you, but don’t overdo the details. That’s not what people want to hear, nor is it appropriate, so avoid being that person.

4. Don’t forget the groom! While you could talk about your bestie for days, the toast is about THEM, not just her. Don’t forget that this is a celebration of two people, not solely a party in her honor. It’s great to start out talking about the bride and a little about your friendship, but lead quickly into the two as a couple — especially things that make the groom worthy of your bestie.

5. Joke around. Weddings are a time for fun, so don’t feel the need to get super serious. While you definitely want to put in some heartfelt moments, it’s also a light-hearted occasion. Your toast should put smiles on their faces and remind them of the great times all of you have had. Plus, it’s always great to get people laughing on trips down memory lane.

6. Keep it PG. You two had a lot of fun back in the day and will continue to for a long time, but don’t forget to play to your audience (hi, grandma!). Leave the drunken stories, exes and hook-ups out of the equation and remember: What happened on spring break, stays on spring break.

7. Skip the tough love. While she needs it sometimes, this is NOT the time. You don’t want to be Rachel McAdams in Wedding Crashers and make things super awkward. Most likely, close family members will not appreciate those jabs and you’ll just feel really uncomfortable saying them into a microphone in your classy MOH dress.

8. Don’t wing it! Practice your speech multiple times beforehand. Look at your beautiful self in the mirror and read it out. Or, even better, read it to the bridesmaids. You do what you need to prep yourself for your stage debut, but make sure the first time you read it out loud is not at the reception.

9. Run it by the bridesmaids. Even though you don’t want to admit it, they know her just about as well as you do, so be sure to get some input from them. They’ll no doubt have some jokes to add and they won’t be afraid to tell you about that one line you wrote that isn’t really appropriate.

10. Pace yourself. There might be an open bar and that groomsman might be hella cute, but you’ve got a job to do! Just saying, videographers are a thing these days. She’s counting on you, so don’t make the silly mistake of drinking too much before your speech. Nothing is tackier than a sloppy toast, and there’s plenty of time for partying with the bridesmaids later.

Bonus Tip: The best toasts are authentic and from the heart, so don’t forget to be yourself. She’s your best friend, so she’s most likely going to love what you come up with, no matter what. And she knows you’re a little quirky too, so don’t feel the need to hide it. Do it your way and have fun!

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