With almost every music video released to support Taylor Swift鈥檚 smash hit album 1989, we鈥檝e seen a totally different side of Tay. After she debuted her lovable fish-out-of-water dancer alter egos in 鈥淪hake It Off,鈥 Tay went on to channel a mascara-soaked femme fatale in 鈥淏lank Space鈥 and now, with black, white and red noir-style teaser pics trickling in on Instagram to promote her newest vid for 鈥淏ad Blood,鈥 which is debuting at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday, May 17, we鈥檙e expecting yet another never-before-seen (and from the looks of the pics, potentially very badass) Taylor to completely captivate us. You know, just like the new pop star Taylor has.


Even without the added video production value, Taylor has come a long way from the country music princess she once was. With the release of 1989, Tay jumped genres and updated her image (twang and cowboy boots RIP) with a transformation that has turned her into the poster child for quarter-life sophistication. Scroll through for five role model-worthy ways you can reboot your style just like Taylor Swift.


1. Be Cool With Who You Were: Once total tween partners in crime, the Miley and Taylor of today couldn鈥檛 be more different. The same goes for the paths they took to get there: Miley rebelled. Hard. And Taylor grew. She told Elle in this month鈥檚 cover story: 鈥淚鈥檓 not going to sit there and say, 鈥淥h, I wish I hadn鈥檛 had corkscrew-curly hair and worn cowboy boots and sundresses to awards shows when I was 17; I wish I hadn鈥檛 gone through that fairy-tale phase where I just wanted to wear princess dresses to awards shows every single time.鈥 Because I made those choices. I did that. It was part of me growing up. It wasn鈥檛 some committee going, 鈥榊ou know what Taylor needs to be this year?鈥 And so with 1989, I feel like we gave the entire metaphorical house I built a complete renovation and it made me love the house even more 鈥 but still keeping the foundation of what I鈥檝e always been.鈥


2. It鈥檚 All About Balance: Nevermind that Taylor鈥檚 hemlines have gotten shorter 鈥 if *I* had $40 million legs, I鈥檇 make mini skirts and rompers my uniform too. What鈥檚 noteworthy is how gracefully she rocks these racy cuts. Taylor doesn鈥檛 just understand proportions when it comes to dressing (if you show some thigh, maybe don鈥檛 flash the belly button), she also picks pieces to wear with structure 鈥 think: A-line skirts versus bodycon ones 鈥 which give off a decidedly more elegant feel.


3. Give Your Uniform an Elegant Upgrade: Turns out if you take the girl out of the cowboy boots, you can take the cowboy boots out of the girl. But that doesn鈥檛 mean Tay didn鈥檛 swap one uniform for another. Taylor is currently the queen of matching sets, and her choice to rock them on the daily doesn鈥檛 surprise us: it鈥檚 one of the easiest ways to look polished and on trend.


4. Adopt a Versatile Beauty Look: Taylor Swift is a classic kind of gal, so it makes sense that after the she landed on bright red lips as signature beauty look. Not only is a red pucker feminine, powerful and sophisticated all at one, but it鈥檚 one of those wear with anything kind of colors that dresses up jeans and a tee, puts the final bombshell touch on a evening dress and you know, never goes out of style.


5. Add a Vintage Touch: Tay鈥檚 secret weapon for keeping it classy 24/7? Incorporating trends from the 鈥50s and 鈥60s into her everyday looks 鈥 boatneck top here, pin-up shorts there. Those subtle ladylike additions will help refine your outfit in an instant too.

What other star鈥檚 style transformation are you obsessed with? Share below!.

(Photos via @taylorswift)