Being a bridesmaid isn’t always easy. Sometimes you have to walk down the aisle with your ex. Sometimes you have to DIY the bride’s vision in the week leading up to the big event. And sometimes you have to pose for photos with a rifle, in your underwear… Here’s a look at 20 bridal party photos that will make you simultaneously laugh and cringe.

1. Scrub-a-Dub-Dub: It’s not a party until everyone takes pictures in the bathtub. (via iVillage)

2. Flash Dance: Welp, I guess it’s good everyone got a bikini wax ahead of time. (via Team Jimmy Joe)

3. Wet ‘n’ Wild: Apparently something was so important they had to wade into the water to check it out. Makes sense. (via NBC News)

4. Fabric Forever: So much ’80s. (via Buzzfeed)

5. Bummed Out: We’re learning it’s kind of a thing to make your bridesmaids show their knickers. (via More FM)

6. Fishnets Flash: Like, really a thing… (via iVillage)

7. Grocery Store Goodness: Uhhh… Because nothing says romance like the candy aisle? (via Loverly)

8. Bridesmaids Down: Yikes. We don’t even know how to comment. (via Loverly)

9. Where’s Waldo: I spy the bride. Or maybe not… We thought it wasn’t okay for gals who aren’t the bride to wear white wedding gowns?! (via Awkward Family Photos)

10. Gun Show: It’s my wedding day and I’ll kiss my biceps if I want to. (via The Knot)

11. Disney Darlings: Not exactly the Cinderella wedding our 10-year-old selves imagined. (via Deviant Art)

12. Toss Up: Hey ladies, if you’re going to catch the bouquet you might want to keep your eyes on it. (via Awkward Family Photos)

13. Shotgun Wedding: Nothing makes a happy wedding like six ladies carrying fire arms. (via Newiosity)

14. Wallpaper Wedding: Who needs bridesmaid dresses when you can just use the living room curtains? (via Loverly)

15. Bridal Bonnets: Dear ’70s gods, we thank you. (via Team Jimmy Joe)

16. Headbands Forever: Forget the dresses, these ladies are all about the headwear. (via Loverly)

17. Feeling Frosty: Oh god. The curls, the hand muffs, the random stuffed pink poodle… Our eyes don’t know where to start. (via Loverly)

18. Centerpiece: Brides make the best wreaths, don’t you think? (via iVillage)

19. Farming Photo Shoot: Avocados. Are. So. Fun? (via Wedding Bee)

20. A Leg Up: It’s always the right time for a leg workout! (via Awkward Family Photos)

[Editor’s Note: Here at Brit + Co, we want to inspire creativity in any and every place — yes, even in fun and funny ways. We love the idea of getting a little silly on your Big Day so hope you’ll use the above pics for your own wedding party pic inspo… and we hope you’ll share said pics with us after ;)]

Any other absurd bridesmaid pics we missed? Share with us!