Mandy Moore has always been candid about her skincare tribulations. Just last month, the This Is Us star spilled how her aging makeup to play Rebecca Pearson wreaks havoc on her complexion due to the bevy of harsh chemicals involved. And Moore is getting real once again with a skin woe that is so relatable.

The 33-year-old posted four photos via Instagram yesterday wearing a gorgeous floral midi dress, a low bun, and a glam face. In the caption, she thanked her makeup artist, Jenn Streicher, for helping her to conceal a “hormonal cheek breakout.”

Two of the pics are closeups of her face from both sides, presumably to highlight the texture of said acne. Although the blemishes *are* expertly concealed, the oh-so-relatable bumpy skin texture is slightly visible thanks to Moore’s up-close-and-personal photography.

Moore praised her MUA for also “slapping on a red lip” for good measure — because regardless of whether your skin is freaking out or as smooth as silk, a statement lip is ALWAYS a good idea. Moral of the story: Hormonal skin issues shouldn’t deter you from putting your best face forward.

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(Photos via Andrew Toth/Getty)