If there鈥檚 one trend in the mani world that鈥檚 persisted from season to season, it鈥檚 squoval-shaped nails. That curved-at-the-edges, flat-on-the-top shape is a mani lover鈥檚 dream: It鈥檚 low-maintenance, tech-friendly (try tapping out your feelings in emojis with a long, curved nail 鈥 no thanks!) and serves as a versatile canvas for out-there designs or a bright pop of color. This season, the squoval is the go-to-shape the nail art-obsessed are using to show off the latest trends, like geometrics, bold hues and negative space nails. Want some fresh ideas for your digits? Scroll through these 12 squoval manis to get some hot-right-now seasonal nail inspo, then get to painting pronto!

pattern play 鉁煉咅煆烩湪

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1. Pattern Play: A variety of mod mani designs turns nail patterns into gallery-worthy art. Keep in mind that when mixing designs, the patterns should be cohesive, with similar colors, proportions and/or themes. (via @nail_unistella)

Missoni inspired stripes

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2. Get Striped: We love a good stripe, especially these horizontal, Missoni-inspired ones that incorporate another trend 鈥 negative space. Swap in your favorite springy color palette for a totally customizable look. (via @aliciatnails)

Neon Nail Art

3. Neon Nail Art: Neon鈥檚 always gonna get you noticed, but going full-on can be a little much. This easy-to-copy triangle trick is a cool way to dip your toes (err, fingers) into the trend. (via Popsugar)

half and half mani

4. Go Halfsies: This mani is like the nail version of cafe au lait. The blend of white and beige keeps it neutral without being boring, and really highlights the squoval shape. (via Ishine365)

bougainvillea-manicure-the-beauty-dept (1)

5. Nailed It Spring Mani: Can鈥檛 decide on just one color? Try a negative space mani like this (perf because the straight bare line mirrors the squoval flat tip shape) to give two complementary colors a whirl. (via The Beauty Department)


6. Color Block: We love an offbeat color combo, and this one makes an impact without being overwhelming. The geometric lines show off a squoval shape nicely. (via nail-icious)

Simple nude mani with a touch of color

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7. Barely There: Here, the nude nail gets a sleek update with a pink pop of color. This mani would be perfect for a springy bridal shower or chic urban getaway. (via @aliciatnails)

negative space nails manicure negativa 8

8. Not-So Basic: Black nail polish can certainly pack a punch, but when you incorporate negative space, white accents and cool chevron shapes, you鈥檝e got a totally rad design that鈥檚 sure to get noticed. (via Pouted)


9. Pink Champagne for Gatsby: Polka dots are even more fun and flirty with this sophisticated rose gold and pale pink combo. Shoutout to all the preppy girls who will be rocking this mani on the daily this summer. (via So Nailicious)

#氪 nail by #unistella_crew @uuuuuuseul

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10. Flower Power: If you鈥檙e up to the task of free-handing these beautiful blooms, know this: A shorter squoval nail is a prime canvas to flaunt your creation. (via @nail_unistella)


11. Make It Matte: Forget the traditional glossy polish this summer 鈥 a matte nail is where it鈥檚 at. And when painted in nude? Say hello to your new favorite neutral. (via Ishine365)

Trying out a diff kinda moon

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12. Dark Side of the Moon: If you鈥檙e bored of the ol鈥 minimalist half-moon, kick it up a notch with a dark base color and bold, multicolor stripe. It鈥檚 a super modern take on traditional summer colors. (via @aliciatnails)

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