It’s a-hiiiiim — Mario! Everyone’s favorite plumber is back and he has the whole gang with him. Yoshi, the princess, Donkey Kong, Luigi — get ready to dib your alter ego of choice now because Nintendo just previewed Mario Kart 8. And you’re going to start spinning around the room in glee like a rogue red turtle shell when you check it out.

The latest installment of the beloved game includes 16 new courses and 16 remixes of classic courses so you’ll be able to make new memories and relive all of the pleasure, pain, headaches and migraines of yore. We’re hearing good things from gamers who already got a test drive: crisp, drool-worthy graphics, new, fun features and throwbacks from versions past.

Use Boomerang Flowers to stun drivers ahead of you! Scoop up the Piranha Plant, a biting bit of botanical badness that you might remember from Super Mario 3D World! Here, it will chomp on your competition and give you a speed boost. Vroom, indeed.

Who says there are no second chances in life? If Mario Kart 64’s Rainbow Road got you beat back then, you get another shot at it remixed in this version. Don’t mess up this time.

Get the word out to your old high school BFFs and dorm buddies now. You’ll be able to get back behind the wheel as Toad or Shy Guy again when Mario Kart 8 on Wii U drops on May 30, $59.99. Geek out over the trailer ’til then:

What are your best Mario Kart memories? Did you used to play back in the day?