What’s the best way to end your Thanksgiving weekend? How about with the perfect party trick to share with friends on a cold winter night? Even better, this party trick is 100% delicious: We’re talking about toasted marshmallow shot glasses.

We swooned over these the moment the came out (BritList FTW), and decided they deserved their own moment in the spotlight. We were skeptical at first, too. After all, how can you drink from a marshmallow? But trust us, this is (probably) the best thing since chocolate chip cookie shots.

Just stick a fork through the marshmallow, being careful not to stab through the bottom. Then toast slowly over high heat, browning evenly on all sides, just like you would for s’mores. When the mallow’s perfectly browned (and you’ve sent a few flaming mallows sailing down your gullet), set it on a plate to cool. The marshmallow will naturally sink in on itself.

Then fill the cavity with your favorite liquor. We recommend Bailey’s or Kahlua for a sweet dessert treat, but feel free to play things up and try something new — perhaps that pumpkin pie vodka you have lying around?

Oh, and make sure to toss the shot back as soon as you pour it! Otherwise you’ll be left with a soggy marshmallow and no booze (and nobody wants that).

Would you make these toasty shot glasses? Tell us in the comments below!