Your mom was right. Breakfastis the most important meal of the day so don鈥檛 skip it! It features some pretty choice food options 鈥 cereal, waffles, bacon, McMuffins. That鈥檚 right. McMuffins. Today is OFFICIALLY the day when all-day breakfast at McDonald鈥檚 rolled out across the country. Great news for lovers of hotcakes and hash browns who find themselves craving the golden arches all day and night long, right?! Yes! And no.

Twitter erupted when word spread that not ALL locations would be serving up hash browns. Wait. NO HASH BROWNS? That鈥檚 like鈥 no fries. In the name of investigative journalism, I went to see what鈥檚 up. Don鈥檛 hold out on me, McDonald鈥檚. More hash browns, please!


As you may know, historically, Mickey D鈥檚 breakfast ended at 10:30AM so I decided to wait until noon before going to place my order. I spent my time scrolling McDonald鈥檚 Instagram feed, dreaming of my Egg McMuffin and doodling a Ronald McDonald sketch. (Mostly kidding). Then right at noon, I took orders from my surrounding coworkers before hitting up the fast food joint just a block away on Sutter Street in the Union Square area of San Francisco.


Being in the tech capital of the US, our McDonald鈥檚 is pretty advanced. I placed my order on a computer screen 鈥 two Egg McMuffins (one without Canadian bacon because SF has veggies who like McDonald鈥檚鈥 go figure?) and three hash browns.

As I awaited my order, I did some people watching. Are these people here for breakfast at noon? Why isn鈥檛 this place MORE crowded? Why is NO ONE ordering breakfast?! I sent the following thought up into the Twitterverse鈥

And sweet McDonald鈥檚, my friend and provider of McMuffins and hotcakes, responded. Thanks, Mickey D鈥檚!


Upon returning to the office, everyone was most thrilled about the arrival of hash browns. They were gone in seconds, and more coworkers wanted to get in on the research. Meanwhile across the United States, many McDonald鈥檚 breakfast fans were still taking to Twitter to complain about the LACK of hash browns at their local stores.

Hmm, we wondered, is it possible that hash browns will run out at a certain point leaving us stranded? Was noon too soon to truly test. I set back out at 5:40 (an assignment from our very bossy Editorial Director). Got myself some hotcakes for dinner and yes鈥 another hash brown.

So what鈥檚 the scoop? Hash browns are only available at participating McDonald鈥檚 locations, but that鈥檚 about 90% of all stores. Despite the uproar, #AllDayBreakfast at McDonald鈥檚 is a good thing. This change celebrates the late-morning risers, the pancake + bacon aficionados, and the late-night bar-hoppers.

What鈥檚 your favorite item on McDonald鈥檚 breakfast menu? Let us know if the comments below!