Missed trains, miscommunications, passive-aggressive emails, deleted hard drives — it must be time for Mercury Retrograde (MR) again (the astrological event starts March 22 this year). Surviving Mercury Retrograde with your relationships intact can be a challenge for even the most cosmically inclined, but if you’re new to crystal healing and planetary events, it can feel especially difficult to stay sane during MR. Not to fret — we’ve put together a crystal guide to get you through the retrograde period in one piece. PS: If you’re unclear what Mercury Retrograde actually means, be sure to check out our cosmic conversation with the Astro Twins on that exact topic before going any further!

1. Aventurine: We can all use a little extra luck when everything around us seems to be going haywire, and aventurine has been used across centuries and cultures as a gambler’s talisman, thought to bring favorable odds in games of chance (and what is MR if not one big crapshoot?). It’s known for its stabilizing effect on the mind, so when your plane is delayed for the 10th time, some aventurine in your bag may help keep you from flipping out completely. The green crystal also encourages optimism and perseverance, both of which are mighty helpful during Mercury Retrograde.

2. Chalcedony: Nicknamed the “Speaker’s Stone,” chalcedony is a type of quartz thought to facilitate clear communication, enhance listening skills, and improve memory, which are all major pluses when everything you’re saying is coming out wrong. Its magical properties have been touted since ancient times, when Roman orator Cicero wore blue chalcedony around his neck to improve his public speaking skills. Same, Cicero.

3. Clear Quartz: One of the most challenging trials of MR is its effect on communication, both with others and in our own heads. Clear quartz promotes clarity of thought and filters distractions, so you can focus on what’s important. It’s especially beneficial during meditation, which is practically required when retrograde hits.

4. Fluorite: Digital mishaps are super common during Mercury’s retrograde season, and thankfully fluorite helps dissolve the electromagnetic “stress” that emanates from your computer, keeping your workspace clear of digital fuzz. It’s also known to focus the mind and enhance communication skills and has powerful protective qualities, so we suggest keeping a good-sized piece near your computer to reap the retrograde benefits.

5. Lapis Lazuli: The annoyances that come with every MR season can get anyone down, which is why we all need a cut of Lapis Lazuli in our cosmic first aid kit. The gorgeous blue stone is thought to release anger and frustration and facilitate communication and truth-telling, so you can deal with MR openly and without stress.

6. Onyx: Astrological wisdom says you should never make any major life decisions during Mercury Retrograde — no saying yes to the dress (or anything else for that matter), no signing on the dotted line, and no drastic haircuts. Of course, this is often impossible to follow (are you just supposed to wait two weeks before accepting a new job offer?) — which is where onyx comes in. The stone is great for decision making and awakening your innate wisdom. Plus, it helps overcome fear and anxiety to help you through those tough choices and even facilitates mental focus, self-control, and steadfastness.

7. Tiger’s Eye: All of the “eye” stones have long been thought to give people literal all-seeing powers, and tiger’s eye is no different. Even if you don’t suddenly become clairvoyant when you start using it, it will help with your everyday problem-solving skills and ability to resolve conflict quickly and easily. And while we’re not sure MR technically counts as a curse, tiger’s eye is known to guard against those too.

8. Topaz: There’s a 100 percent chance you’ll have a misunderstanding (read: fight) with someone close to you during Mercury Retrograde. It’s just how this cosmic event does. Thankfully, topaz is here to promote forgiveness, bring truth to the surface, and enhance your communication abilities, so you can work through that misunderstanding thoughtfully and kindly.

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