Crystals are all the rage RN — adding crystals to home decor, DIYing crystal-enhanced perfume oils — and we really haven’t met a crystal-encrusted statement necklace we didn’t love. There’s no denying it: Crystals are in. And while we know there’s way more to the pretty mineral-rich rocks than just their sparkly good looks, we’re a little hazy on the alleged natural healing properties of the gemstones. We decided to chat with crystal healer Nick Lasky at the Aquarian Bookshop in Richmond, Virginia, and got the scoop on all things crystals: sympathetic magic, clear quartz, and cleansing rituals.

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get schooled on the power source

“Crystals are alive,” Lasky says. “Not in the same way that you and I are breathing, but they’ve grown from the earth and carry energy within them.” It’s that inherent energy that gives crystals their power, he says. Each crystal has a specific vibration and “the crystal’s energy interacts and flows together with [our unique] energy.” This exchange is called sympathetic magic, and it is said to be able to cause change and healing. This kind of crystal work dates back to the ancient Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, and Sumerians, and the practice has been a part of every major civilization on every continent since.

You don’t choose the crystal life, the crystal life chooses you

Lasky says that choosing crystals is less about learning and more about intuition. He suggests heading to your local crystal shop (Yelp it, it’s there) and choosing crystals based on which ones “immediately resonate with you,” because “your intuition knows what you need before you do.” Seriously, just choose the crystals that you’re attracted to and that give you good vibes without even reading about their inherent healing qualities. Because a crystal’s healing power comes from its proximity to your energy field, Lasky suggests keeping them close, whether you wear them as jewelry or keep them in your pockets, on your desk, or near your bed.

4 Crystals to start your collection

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With all that said, most crystals do have a specific healing power associated with them, and if you’re just starting out, Nick has four suggestions for everyday “utility” crystals.

1. Clear Quartz: Lasky explains that “clear quartz vibrates at the same frequency as the natural human aura,” making it an awesome option for restoring balance and equilibrium in your life. Fun fact: Pine trees also vibrate at this specific frequency.

2. Rose Quartz: Nicknamed the “love stone,” this rose-colored crystal has a romantic history that dates back to Greek mythology. The ancient Greeks believed the crystal got its pink hue from the mingled blood of the lovers Ares and Aphrodite after a tragic accident involving a jealous attack. Rose quartz is said to attract “higher” love of all kinds — romantic love, self-acceptance, collective understanding, and friendships.

3. Amethyst: This gorgeous lavender-hued crystal is known to soothe, calm, and connect people to their spirituality. Because of these qualities, amethyst is a popular choice among crystal lovers who are suffering from anxiety or stress. You can also keep amethyst near your bed to encourage restful sleep.

4. Black Tourmaline: As Taylor Swift says, “Haters gonna hate, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little black tourmaline on you for extra protection.” Okay, we’re paraphrasing, but the sentiment remains true — black tourmaline is said to be a powerful talisman against negative energy and helps neutralize bad thoughts and moods. If you’re feeling particularly plagued by negativity, keep a piece of black tourmaline in your pocket, and stick it to those bad vibes.

Programming and Journaling

Your crystals want to work. Sure, they look pretty sitting on your bedside table, but in order to really feel the full effect of their healing capabilities, you’ve got to program each crystal with a specific intention. For example, if you’re working with clear quartz to alleviate anxiety, Lasky suggests holding it in your palm and imbuing the crystal with “the qualities of calm and peace” with a quick mantra.

He’s also a proponent of keeping a crystal journal, and he suggests writing down the day you get a new crystal, what kind of crystal it is, and whatever your intention may be. He says you should be able to see some change around that life area within a month. If you don’t, he says “There’s deeper programming in your subconscious that’s overriding your intentions,” and it’s possible you need to work on a separate area of your life first.

Charging and cleansing

You should also occasionally charge your crystals by using the sun and the moon. Just as you have to charge your phone and computer, Lasky explains that solar and lunar energy activate and re-energize crystals’ healing powers. Lunar activity is an important component in many mystical practices like floral essences and new moon manifestations. Lasky says he loves incorporating crystal charging into his new moon intention-setting ritual and crystal cleansing into his full moon release ritual.

Crystal cleansing involves cleaning your crystals to break up any bad vibes that they may be storing. Lasky explains that crystals absorb the energy around them, and that build up needs to be released. He says, “If you get into a huge screaming fight” with your boyfriend and there’s a piece of clear quartz nearby, “that quartz is going to hold onto those negative emotions long after your fight is over.” To cleanse your crystals, simply run them under cold water or smudge them with sage.

expand your Crystal Library

If you’re interested in doing a deeper dive into the crystal consciousness, Lasky suggests picking up Love Is in the Earth by Melody, The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, and Crystal Prescriptions by Judy Hall.

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