Despite throwing all kinds of things off the rails, Mercury in retrograde is actually a little blessing in disguise. Its energy makes for a great time to hunker down (winter is made for cozy throw blankets anyway) and get back in touch with yourself via things like a good old-fashioned journal sesh. In order to help you through the process, we’re sharing nine items that, when added to your retrograde arsenal, will make the whole process a lot smoother for astrology skeptics and believers alike.


1. Medium Agenda Planner by Poketo ($36): Since Mercury retrograde isn’t the best time to take action on future plans, you’ll definitely need a planner to plot things for the future. Write your plans down and let them go from your mind now that you know they’re in a place where you’ll remember them.


2. Coconut Flower Bath Soak by Luxe Apothecary ($24): A warm bath during chilly winter basically screams relaxation and reflection. Take it to the next level with this bath soak that combines the amazingness of flowers and coconut in one.


3. Foodie Dice by Two Tumbleweeds ($24): If you find yourself unable to figure out what to make for dinner during retrograde (it messes with clear thinking too), these dice are exactly what you need: They do all the decision-making for you.


4. Weekends Are for Waffles Tee by Pyknic ($29): A couple of weekends are gobbled up during this session of retrograde, which means you’ll probably find yourself unsure of what to do with your time or unable to follow through with plans. When you do, this tee will remind you what they’re for — waffles.


5. 2016 Astrology Calendar by Chelsey Dyer ($22): Never let Mercury retrograde take you by surprise again! This calender will keep 2016 astrologically charted out for you, and each time retrograde comes around again, you’ll only be more and more prepared.


6. Bad Ass Bitch Candle by Bad Ass Candles ($18): If you’re having solo reflection time, candle light is the warmest and coziest light around — and this candle is truly badass.


7. Inspiracelet Message Cuff by Christina Kober Designs ($86): Even when retrograde gets you down, this bracelet will help you keep your chin up. Choose from several super inspirational quips, like “Live your fairytale” and “Be brave.”


8. Chai Tea Kit (Caffeinated) by Grow and Make ($29): When you’re hiding from everyone and you’re in your own little world, keep your energy up, your taste buds buzzing and your reflection journey fueled with this chai tea kit that gives you everything to make your very own brew at home.


9. Tierra Blanket Roll Diamante by Nipomo ($72): Stay warm and stylish while you’re waiting out retrograde with this wonderfully printed and ultra cozy blanket. Plus, once retrograde passes, it’ll become your go-to Netflix and chill partner in crime.

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