With summer on the horizon, it鈥檚 *almost* time to hit the beach. To up your mani game, we鈥檝e got glitter and doodads aplenty. We鈥檝e got whoozits and whatzits galore. Yup, we鈥檙e talkin鈥 about mermaid nails, y鈥檃ll! This summer, match your swoon-worthy swimsuit and sunglass pairing with a blinged-out mani that鈥檚 guaranteed to bring on those fairytale vibes. Whether you鈥檙e going for a look that simply shimmers or want to take a literal approach to the mermaid look (a la scales), scroll through these 10 mermaid nail inspos and find your inner Ariel!

1. Sunset: We said there鈥檇 be glitter. Give your manicure a romantic appeal with a set of sparkly nails inspired by the serene view of twilight touching the ocean.

2. Mermaid Fin: Wanna rock a mermaid style that doesn鈥檛 upstage your sexy swimwear? Add a single fin to your ocean-inspired mani for a look that subtly reps your sea siren charms.

3. Shimmering Shells: We鈥檙e definitely feeling these Mermaid Barbie nails. From seashells to fishtails, this lilac manicure flawlessly captures the full scope of the ocean鈥檚 pretty treasures.

4. Mix 鈥榥鈥 Match: Negative space, matte *and* ombre mermaid nails?! This Instababe is a woman after our own hearts. Take your enchanting manicure to the next level by mixing and matching trends using a cool blue tone influenced by the ocean.

5. Bling: You can鈥檛 go wrong with a little texture. Change up your nails鈥 tactile aesthetic by alternating smoothed, polished digits with glittery and blinged-out fingertips. This is great for giving your manicure a more multi-faceted style.

6. Gold: This mani is giving us a sparkle overload! Gold detailing is key when it comes to giving your nails that regal, daughter-of-Triton allure.

7. Blue Ombre: While rocking craazy nails can be all kinds of cute, you鈥檙e the type of gal who鈥檚 all about creating some calm. Give your nails a soothing aura with a set of ombre nails that mirrors the tranquil hues of the ocean.

8. Mermaid Pedicure: Don鈥檛 forget to polish those flippers. Add a fishy flair to your beach-time pedi (sandy shores do mean bare feet, after all) by giving your toes some glittery scales.

9. Nude: Summer agenda = beach lounging 24/7. For the girl whose closet is overflowing with beachwear, get ready to sport a manicure that goes with just about *everything.* From neon bikinis to a pastel one-piece, nude nails (with scales) are the ideal design for a summer filled with some serious style.

10. Scales: It鈥檚 time to go big or go home. Fully embrace this ethereal trend by giving each digit some shimmery fishtail detailing. Just don鈥檛 forget to pair this look with some covetable mermaid hair!

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