We’ve been turning to Michelle Phan for her beauty secrets for quite some time now — from beauty basics videos to nail tutorials and just to check in on all things hair, makeup and beyond. But while she was busy becoming one of our favorite YouTubers, she was simultaneously prepping the launch of her newest endeavor: an empire. The next step in the vlogger’s expanding brand is taking her video presence to the next level with an entire online lifestyle network.

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Recently launched ICONnetwork is a joint venture between the digital beauty pioneer and entrepreneur — she’s already got a monthly subscription beauty box and a makeup brand with L’Oreal — and media entertainment company Endemol Beyond. On it, she’ll be providing everything from DIY + beauty videos to fitness and life advice shows. At launch, the lineup already includes a prank show, a bi-weekly advice program, a trend report, a healthy eating series and a #TBT-inspired style show starring Michelle’s Internet BFFs Sonya Esman, Cloudy Apples, Jkissa Makeup, Jamie Greenberg and Curious Joi, with more being added as the network develops.

The mission behind the network is to inspire visitors to be their best selves while also creating a sense of belonging to a community (hey, we know a thing or two about that ;) Michelle echos that statement in the network’s intro video, describing it as a place for “collective moments that become memories we all can share together.” In addition to the current roster of ladies highlighted on ICON, the network will tie back in to its community purpose by introducing other fascinating women that have changed the world. Hey Michelle, sounds like you’re due for another chat at Re:Make with our girl Brit ;)


To consume all the content in one spot, head to ICONnetwork’s site, which takes you to YouTube, or download the iOS or Android app to keep up to date with it all on the go. This definitely isn’t a network that requires a cable box, and that always deserves some snaps from us.

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With so much promise for the new network (remember, the YouTuber comes with 7.5 million fans and growing), Michelle is looking to stand out as the first true web celeb in a lifestyle category alongside your more “traditional” stars like Blake, Gwyneth and Lauren Conrad. Go, girl!

Will you be bookmarking Michelle Phan’s ICONnetwork to your must-watch list? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Taylor Hill/Getty + Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)